3 Man Cash Tournament

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3 Man Cash Tournament

Registration Now Open, Sunday November 1, 2015!
Must Pre-Register prior to October 28, 2015.
  • 3 Man Teams (can roster 4)
  • 3 Minute Games
  • 100 Points Max per game.
  • PSP Ramp, 12.5 BPS Max
  • Preliminary round all teams play each other up to 10 teams, more than 10 teams prelims will be split in to pools seeding by random draw, pool split in two at end of prelims.  Points carry over.   
  • Each pool plays 1 vs 5, 2 vs 6, 3 vs 7, 4 vs 8.  
  • Top 4 Teams  of each pool move to Finals.  Each team plays each other once, top points is winner of each pool.  
  • This is a Cash out Tournament.  The more teams the more the prizes will be.  See the prize link.
  • This tournament is for all players.
  • Registration can be completed without payment.  Entry for registration is $150.00. 
  • Paint price $60.00 per case. Field Paint Only.  Minimum 1 case for each player registered.  
  • Gates will open at 7:30 AM, Captains meeting at 9:00 AM, Tourney starts 9:30 AM.  Field layout picture will be posted on Facebook Friday afternoon before the tournament.  
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General Rule Violations:
Unobvious hits on the pack only (pod area)
Playing on – Plus 1 penalty
               Playing on defined as a playing continuing to play with an obvious hit, or continuing to play after being told by a ref that they are eliminated.
Wiping – Plus 2 penalty
               Wiping defined as a player trying to physically remove an obvious hit while continuing to play
Players are never neutral.  Players may call for a paint check for a hit not easily identified by sight or touch.  If a player calls for a paint check, they may defend themselves but may not aggressively move down field, nor avoid a ref inspection.  Complaints should be discussed with the Head Referee after the game is over.
Dirty Hang – 0 points for the hang no matter how many live players you have left, if other team has one alive, hang goes to that team, or else no hang points awarded to either team.  All other points stand.
Hot gun –            1st violation – team forfeits all points that game
(300+)                   2nd violation – player and marker DQ’d from tourney
Over 12.5 bps – 1st violation -eliminate player and marker for one game
                              2nd violation – player and marker DQ’d from tourney
This is an open tournament.  No rankings are relevant.  No Pro players allowed.   Violations– Entire team is DQ’d from tourney and forteit all monies paid.
Abusive language towards players, ref, staff, spectators:
               1st violation – eliminate player for one game
               2nd violation – player DQ’d from tourney
Physical contact towards other players, staff, refs or spectators will result in immediate removal from the park and/or permanent ban from RDP
If you are eliminated:  you must immediately raise either a hand or marker above the bunker and quickly exit the field in the shortest route possible.  Eliminated players may only call themselves out or hit and may not communicate with live players.  Players that are not exiting the field in a reasonable manner will be called for playing on resulting in a plus 1 penalty.  If you are eliminated and still within the aura of a bunker,  expect to get shot.  

Sideline coaching will not be allowed by players or spectators.

All live players must report to the head ref at the end of the game in order to be counted as a live player.  If you do not report in, you will not be counted.  Once score sheets are signed by a member of the team, points for that game cannot be questioned.
Tie breakers will be determined by a best of 3 one on one shootout.  If the shootout ends in a tie, winner will be determined by highest average score from all games played by each team.

Any team caught shooting non tourney paint will immediately be DQ’d from the tourney.

Two layers allowed (weather dependent), form fitting under armor does not count as a layer.
Barrels must be touching the start station net at game start whistle.  If a player jumps the whistle, they can come back and touch as long as they have not fired their marker prior to touching or being eliminated.
Depending on the number of entrants every team MAY have a BYE game in the prelims.  Each BYE counts as 100 points.  Teams do not need to sign the paper for the BYE game.


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