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Prison Break
Prison Break at Red Dot Paintball

Scenario Intelligence

This scenario will be played at night, just after dark on our Castle field and the trench, large scenario field.

Guards will be stationed in each of the four castle towers as well as perimeter guards and guards in waiting.  Their job is to prevent an elite team of mercenaries from reaching the castle, destroying the gate and freeing the prisoners held inside.  Guards will have two spot lights to start.  Prisoners must stay inside their “cells” until released by an extraction team member, at which time the prisoners will recover their markers, being held in predetermined location and try to reach the recovery zone alive.

Extraction team can only gain access to the prison by “blowing up” the main gate with bomb box.  No other points of entry or exits will be used.

Guards and extraction team members will re-spawn every 10 minutes after the prisoners have been released, prisoners cannot re-spawn.

Time limit will be based on the number of players

Extraction team must rescue 1 VIP prisoner or 3 non VIP prisoners in order to win.

Prisoners cannot be shot until they are released from their “cells”.  Smoke and paint grenades can be used.  The bomb box will only destroy the gate, towers will all remain intact.

Guards in waiting and those that are waiting to re-spawn, cannot re-spawn until at least one of the prisoners has escaped his “cell”.  Prisoners will be inside their cells (bottom of 3 of the 4 towers) until an extraction team member lets them out by removing the caution tape from the doorway.  The fourth tower will be the armory and contain all of the prisoners’ markers.

Once a prisoner has been released, the perimeter lights will be turned on and the guards in the re-spawn area will be reinserted into play.

There will be three possible extraction points available, if they feel that the first point is too hard to reach, they can call for a second or third.  Once one extraction point is rejected by the extraction team, that point is no longer in play and cannot be used.
Extraction team will have 10 minutes to reach the first extraction point after prisoner release, 15 minutes to reach point 2 (if they refuse point 1) and only 20 minutes to reach point 3 (if they refuse point 2).

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