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VIP Extreme Scenario

January 18, 2014
  • 5 Man Teams, register as a complete team or as individuals.  RDP will place all individuals.
  • Name: VIP Extreme Scenario Saturday January 18, 2014 @ Red Dot Paintball 3430 Beardsley Road, Richland WA 99354
  • Theme: A combination tournament style on the turf and mission based games on our big fields including the Castle, WW1 Trench Field, Scenario Fields. One 5 man team will be the overall event winner taking home 40% of entry fees estimated to be $1000.00 cash. Raffle for all remaining players for 5 x $100.00 cash prizes guaranteed and 10 cases of paint $560.00 value guaranteed. 

    Enter as individuals or a 5 man team. We will place and make up 5 man teams for all others that enter. 

    Round 1 VIP Code Retrieval
    Round 2 and 3 Castle Attack and Defend
    Round 4 Five Man VIP Round Robin on the Turf
    Round 5 Double VIP Final Battle for Team points. 
    Overall winner announced.

    Gates Open 9:00 AM
    Game Play 10:30 AM

    $50.00 registration fee required by December 25, 2013. Normal air ($10) and paint prices ($56/case) apply. No passes accepted. Rental fee and lunch included.
  • Round 4 will be 5 Minute Games
  • PSP Ramp, 12.5 BPS Max
  • Round 4 will be Round Robin Format for team points added to battle points.
  • Round 5 will have Suicide Missions (Hale Mary) to jettison low point earners to the top, (if you complete the mission).
  • This is a Cash out Tournament.  The more teams the more the prizes will be.  See the prize link.
  • This tournament is for any player.  Rankings are not necessary.  
  • Registration can be completed without payment.  
  • Paint price starting at $56.00 per case. One Case Minimum per player + $10.00 for Air.  Field Paint Only.
 HRMC Hotel RatesTeams

Mission Information, check back for more to be posted soon.

Round 1:  Teams will be drawn by random draw to be side A or side B.  Each team will then designate their best for VIP Code Retrieval.

Round 2 and Round 3:  Castle Attack and Defend.  Each of Side A and Side B will use information gathered in Round 1 for battle and points in Round 2 and Round 3.  Points earned  for each team will added to individual team points.  As an example, if Side A recorded 500 points and Side B recorded 300 points, All teams playing on Side A will have 500 points added to their individual teams point total heading in to Round 4.  Side B teams will award 300 points to each team.  So after round 3 you may have point totals that look like this:

**note there may be additional points awarded that only count towards individual teams**

Team A  300
Team B  300
Team C 500
Team D 500
Team E 300
Team F 500
Team G 500
Team H 300
Team I 500
Team J 300

Round 4:  Now individual teams will each complete on the tourney field against each other twice.  There will be various missions to complete and each team will play each other twice.  Team points earned will be added to Round 1,2 and 3 points.  

Round 5:  Final battle, teams will once again be split in to Side A and Side B.  This time there will be suicide missions available so that struggling teams still have a shot at the big prize if they complete a suicide mission.  Sides that have a team complete a suicide mission will also benefit in additional points so completing suicide missions do enhance all teams ability to walk away with the big prize.  In addition point for unused health cards and other indivicual team points can be earned.  Strategy on team and side play will be important on maximizing points.

******Players should note that no points standings will be given out until the final prize announcements.******



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