We are a paintball team located in a small town(less then 20,000 people) in the Midwest(Kansas). There are no fields located in our town we just have to play at courses set up by ourselves. It doesn't matter if its with hay bales or barrels - we will do anything to find a course to play at!
Ryan McCullick, Animosity
Hay Bale Bunkers

Player/Team: Animosity

  • Ryan McCullick, Captain - Back, Age 15, 4 Years
  • Brad Desbien - Forward, Age 14, 4 Years
  • Devin Schmidt - Middle, Age 15, 6 Years

Team General Information: We are a small town team that plays as much as we can when we can. Our town is currently building a field so we are stuck playing speedball with hay bales or driving 100 miles to the nearest field. Our team goal is to grow our knowledge and skill in and on the field of paintball and to build the friendships on the team.

Equipment List:  Ryan McCullick, 06 Cyborg-dynasty VLocity-Pure Energy 68/45 JT Proflex; Devin Schmidt, Uped 06 ego-Dynasty Vlocity-DXS 48/45 JT Proflex; Brad Desbien 06 Ego-Halo B V-35-Pure Energy 68/45 Grillz

Practice Schedule: 3 Times Monthly

Home Location:Hays, Kansas

Where we play: We practice with the local college team and the local field is in th eprocess of being built.

Accomplishments: Finished top 7 in all of them.

Schedule: 4 or 5 Salina tournaments and 2 or 3 Wichita tournaments.


Sponsored By: Red Dot Paintball. ,

Hay Bale Bunkers

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