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Improvements In Ego 11 Paintball Guns Make Them Hard To Beat

Improvements In Ego 11 Paintball Guns Make Them Hard To Beat

Are You Considering Ego 11 Paintball Guns?
Recent Improvements Make Them Hard To Beat

On the paintball field, you’re only as good as your last shot. And your last shot is heavily dependent upon the paintball marker you are using. How do you feel your paintball marker is performing for your game? The only right answer is that your marker is dependable, accurate and trustworthy.

Ego 11 paintball gunsHowever, not everyone can say that, as there are so many different paintball markers sold today. If you have any doubts about your marker, or feel it is not living up to your expectations, you do have options.

Always do your research and talk to experienced paintball players before making your next purchase to ensure it is the right marker for you, and will withstand the rigors of your brutal paintball combat.

If you are in the market for a new paintball marker, Ego 11 paintball guns are excellent choices that will not let you down. In fact, Ego 11 guns are not new; they have been around for several years, and have evolved to become very good markers, known for reliability, performance and value.

Over time, the Ego 11 has undergone a number of improvements and enhancements, all in the name of making it a better marker and enabling it to aid in your paintball warfare. Recent improvements in Ego 11 paintball guns include:

  • An overall improved feel, Ego 11 paintball guns are smooth-shooting, equipped with a bespoke MACNoid™ (manufactured by MAC Valves USA) that provides for twin flow control devices with solenoid flow controls. Working independently, they control the fore and rear speed of the firing mechanism to ensure a smoother acceleration and deceleration. Tuning is as easy as the turn of a screwdriver, providing for a first-ever user control over the dynamic marker characteristics.
  • The latest frame profile offers a higher grip position (closer to the barrel axis and firing line), slimmer in its mid-section and absorbed into the frame around its edges. Providing for added comfort and grip, new molded rubber console grips extend up the back of the frame as well. Together, these improvements make the Ego 11 one of the most ergonomically comfortable versions over its predecessors.
  • The barrel has also been enhanced on the Ego 11. The bore configuration remains the same, but the new two-piece barrel is redesigned for improved consistency and reduced noise. Additionally, support for virtually all types of paintballs is offered.
  • Packed standard with the Ego 11 is a new zippered case and essentials pack. Just about everything you need to maintain your new Ego 11 is contained within this pack, including hex key set, lubricant oil, barrel sock, spare parts kit (inclusive of regulator components, o-rings, detents, springs and screws), as well as a little light reading (the in-depth user manual, all 84 pages of it).

Ego 11 paintball guns have been enhanced to provide you a smoother and quieter shot, improved reliability and consistency, and enhanced comfort factors. Backed by the Planet Eclipse name, this is a marker built with quality and backed by a reputation for integrity and unparalleled service.

Shopping for a new paintball marker? Today’s Ego 11 is definitely hard to beat!

Red Dot Paintball is both an online store and a brick and mortar store. Our paintball store is near Spokane, WA, in West Richland. Online or in our store, you will find quality paintball markers, supplies, clothing and accessories at great prices – including Ego 11 paintball guns. Whether you are looking for paintball guns, clothing or upgrades, Red Dot Paintball has what you need -- plus the know-how you are looking for to make an educated purchase. Phone us toll-free at 866-543-4382 for personal assistance.

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