BT Paintball Guns
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1-Piece Barrel1-Piece Barrel1-Piece Barrel One of the hottest selling barrels in Paintball. This is a tournament level barrel at a very affordable price. Very accurate and very quiet.
3-Piece Vertical Bottle Adapter3-Piece Vertical Bottle AdapterBT Paintball Designs brings you the 3-Piece Vertical Bottle Adaptor for your Model/Custom 98. This marker upgrade allows you to install an expansion chamber, regulator, or gas thru grip onto your gun.
45� Offset Picatinny Rail45� Offset Picatinny RailThe BT 45� Offset Picatinny Rail allows for accessories mounting at a 45� angle so they will not interfere with your loader or sight line. The loader mounts directly onto the feedneck of BT markers which can obstruct accessories mounted on the picatinny rail.
Adjustable Sight RailAdjustable Sight RailThis Adjustable Sight Rail is a must when upgrading to any scenario barrel. It will raise your line of sight to match the front sight while updating the look to an M-16/AR-15 type rifle. The BT Adjustable Sight Rail is a quality aluminum rear sight with windage and elevation settings.
Avatar Goggle – BT EditionAvatar Goggle – BT EditionThe BT Edition Avatar� paintball goggle system is an innovative, lightweight, low-profile goggle system for the uncompromising paintball competitor. It is designed to present the smallest target possible while being soft and flexible for comfort and to help keep you in the game with glancing/bouncing paintballs.
Barrel Only - Bang StikxxBarrel Only - Bang StikxxThe Bang Stikxx is a Premium Quality top of the line 16" barrel with threaded tip for a Imitation Suppressor or other muzzle types. It also accepts our unique shroud. Use in both woods and in scenario.
Barrel Only - Battle StikxxBarrel Only - Battle StikxxBattleStikxxTM Recon Military Style, 14" Rifled Barrel that can be used in both woods and in scenario. Scenario players love the Marine sniper profile.
Barrel Only - DominatorBarrel Only - DominatorDominator� Recon M-16 Military Style, 14" rifled gun-drilled barrel specifically designed for woods and scenario paintball. Woods-ball players love the Military-look.
Barrel Only - MoFoBarrel Only - MoFoMoFo™ The MoFo is a lightweight (2.3oz) Rifled, Carbon-Fiber Composite, aircraft aluminum core barrel.
Barrel Only - Scenario MoFoBarrel Only - Scenario MoFoScenario MoFo™ The Scenario MoFo is a lightweight (2.3oz) Rifled, Carbon-Fiber Composite, aircraft aluminum core barrel. NEW WITH THREADED TIP!
Barrel Only - Shark ToothBarrel Only - Shark ToothShark ToothTM - Our exclusive Shortie Rifled, Gun Drilled Barrel now available in black, gold and silver. Can be used in both woods and in scenario. The Sharktooth barrel used with a spyder fin works well with the Ariakon Combat Pistol (ACP).
Base KitBase KitThis is a great starter kit. You'll have the right bore size for about 95% of the paint manufactured today.
BT 45 Degree Angle MOLLE PlateBT 45 Degree Angle MOLLE PlateThe 45 Degree Angle MOLLE Plate is the newest product from the BT Paintball. This MOLLE Plate allows you to mount accessories to your vest vertically versus horizontally. With our endless accessory configurations you can customize your MOLLE Plate to fit your style of play.
BT Battle VestBT Battle VestBT Paintball has created the Battle Vest for players who don't need the flexibility of a full MOLLE vest system. Ready for the battle straight off the shelf, this tactical paintball vest can fit eight 140rd pods and an air tank, so you've got plenty of ammo to take down your opponents. Three pockets for holding your essentials and a built in hydration bladder pocket to supply fluids during those all day scenario games. This vest has everything you need to hit the field at a reasonable price. Joi
BT FlashsightBT FlashsightThe BT FlashSight™ utilizes a series of eight, precision, high intensity, bright white LED lights as well as a red laser light for an innovative and unique new laser sight device. This dual function device offers the illumination of a flashlight and the aiming system of a laser sight in one small powerful package.
BT M-16 ClipBT M-16 ClipThe BT M-16 Clip is a front foregrip that gives your marker an authentic military look and feel. The M-16 foregrip fits most picatinny rails and doubles as a storage compartment, for tools, maps, batteries or parts.
BT Metal Red and Green Dot SightBT Metal Red and Green Dot SightLED (Light Emitting Diode) 100% safe for the eyes
BT Omega Player Parts KitBT Omega Player Parts KitBT Omega Player Parts Kit BT Omega Player Parts Kit Parts to maintain your BT Omega marker
BT Paint Grenade 12 OzBT Paint Grenade 12 OzWhy take out a single player when you could take out an entire squad with a BT Paint Grenade? The BT Paint Grenade has been specially designed and “Battle Tested” to perform exceptionally in the field. The BT grenade is very unique as it is the only paint grenade to use genuine RPS® paintball fill as its marking compound.
BT Tactical Stock Adjustable CAR Fits A-5BT Tactical Stock Adjustable CAR Fits A-5BT Tactical Paintball Marker Stock Adjustable CAR Are you looking to change the way your marker looks? Then try one of the BT Paintball Adjustable Tactical Car Stocks. These stocks are adjustable up to six different positions with the push of a button, so you can have it out long, in short or somewhere in between! You will also find an increase in accuracy because recoil will be reduced and you can hold your marker tighter to your body as you take aim!
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