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BT Sling Adapter SetBT Sling Adapter SetPlaying woodsball all day is tons of fun, but carrying all that gear can bog you down. The players at BT Paintball understand this and have created the Sling Adapter Set to help ease the transport of your BT paintball marker.
Bungee SlingBungee SlingPlaying paintball requires a lot of gear. Hauling that gear all day can be tiring. Carrying you marker doesn’t have to be when using the BT Bungee Sling. The bungee sling mounts to your marker using a quick release carabiner and frees your hands from transporting the paintball gun.
Tippmann 2 Point Tactical SlingTippmann 2 Point Tactical SlingThe 2 Point Sling is made from a super-strong webbed nylon and accommodates just about any paintball marker allowing "hands-free" control of your gun.
Tippmann 3 Point Tactical SlingTippmann 3 Point Tactical SlingThis 3 Point Tactical Sling has a universal design that accommodates just about any marker and is made from a super-strong webbed nylon. This sling allows you secure, "hands-free" control of your paintball gun.