Invert Mini Parts & Upgrades
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1-Piece Barrel1-Piece Barrel1-Piece Barrel One of the hottest selling barrels in Paintball. This is a tournament level barrel at a very affordable price. Very accurate and very quiet.
Base KitBase KitThis is a great starter kit. You'll have the right bore size for about 95% of the paint manufactured today.
Complete KitComplete KitThis kit comes complete with all 5 control bores and all 4 tips, giving you 20 barrel combinations.
CP Clamping FeedneckCP Clamping FeedneckWe've taken the perfect amount of metal out of the feedneck to give you a neck that is STRONG and LIGHTWEIGHT. This feedneck will not break and to prove it, we've backed it with the CP Lifetime Warranty.
Full Bore KitFull Bore KitOur most popular kit!! You will always have the right bore to paint combo!!
Tactical BarrelsTactical BarrelsThe CP Tactical Line is here. You won't find a more realistic setup than this. The standard 1 piece barrel comes with a removable tip. The barrel has been precision honed and polished to give you the best accuracy of any tactical barrel on the market.
Virtue Love Kills Mini Grip - WhiteVirtue Love Kills Mini Grip - WhiteSoftTact™: Soft, Tactile rubber creates a comfortable grip that is soft to the touch, yet rigid and firm enough to withstand the rigors of paintball.
Virtue Mini Breakbeam Laser Eye - RedVirtue Mini Breakbeam Laser Eye - RedGet Virtue's advanced eye technology for your Invert Mini. Customize your Mini with an easy-to-install upgrade that adds enhanced technology and reliability to your gun.