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Inline Regulator Rebuild KitInline Regulator Rebuild KitKit contains everything needed to rebuild your CP regulator good as new.
Long Bottom RegulatorLong Bottom RegulatorThis regulator is 4.125" tall. Maximum input pressure limit is 900psi.
Long Bottom Regulator with Gauge PortLong Bottom Regulator with Gauge PortThis regulator is 3.5" tall. Maximum input pressure limit is 900psi.
Shorty Style Regulator with Gauge PortShorty Style Regulator with Gauge PortThis reg is 3.5" tall Maximum input pressure limit is 900psi.
Spring Stack (6) for Inline RegulatorSpring Stack (6) for Inline RegulatorThis kit includes all 6 springs of the spring stack for your CP inline regulator.
Spyder Regulator AdaptorBring the CP performance you've been waiting for to your Spyder VS2 & VS3. With our Regulator Adaptor! Combined with our proven CP regulator it"s a winning combination!!
Tank RegulatorTank RegulatorIt’s finally here!!! The air system you’ve been waiting for. The CP Air combines everything you’ve been looking for in an air system and puts it together in one ultra light package. Super High Flow Rate, Fast Recharge rate,
Tank Regulator Pressure KitTank Regulator Pressure KitTake your CP Air system from High to Low pressure or from Low to High. Comes with HP or LP piston and matching locking ring.