Empire Gloves 2012
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Empire Contact TW Glove – BlackEmpire Contact TW Glove – BlackHumans use fingers to feel things. Wearing paintball gloves shouldn’t mean you can’t still use your fingers the way nature intended! Empire’s Contact TW gloves feature Contact Fingers, the most sensitive, tactile fingers ever on a paintball glove, allowing you to enjoy the protection of full finger armor while still pulling the micro-switch triggers of modern tournament markers fast enough to smash the opposition!
Empire LTD TW Gloves - BlackEmpire LTD TW Gloves - BlackThis isn’t golf! Playing paintball means making your bunker at all costs, whether you have to dive, crawl or slide through dirt, sand, mud or over rough turf. Players who demand the very best wear Empire Contact TW paintball pants because these paintball pants will help you get there, not hold you back.