Nate Ransom
Nate Ransom
DC Rampage
Our goal is to win! We just formed this team in January of 2008. Our goal is to beat every rookie team out there and become pro someday.
Nate Ransom

Player/Team: DC Rampage

  • Nathaniel Ransom, Captain - Back/Mid, Age 17, 1 Year
  • Erik - Front Age 15, 2 Years
  • Paul - Mid/Front, Age 16, 2 Years
  • Kyle, Co Captain - Back/Insert, Age 14, 4 Years

Equipment List:  Ion,Angel 1 and Ion, Infamous Intimadator, Proto Matrix 5

Practice Schedule: Pending

Home Location: Virginia

Where we play: We play at hogback mountain or pevs ag field

Accomplishments: Coming soon......!

Schedule: PTS and GPL.


Sponsored By: Red Dot Paintball. ,

Our Gear
Kyle's Paintball Gun
Kyle's Paintball Gun
Paul's Angel Paintball Gun
Paul's Angel Paintball Gun
Erik's Paintball Gun
Erik's Paintball Gun

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