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Angel And Ego Paintball Guns: The Best In The Business

Angel AR:K Painball Guns. Ego 11 Paintball Guns

The world of paintball guns has come a long way, baby, and now serious shooters are demanding higher performance, better quality, and just a bigger ‘coolness’ factor when they choose their paintball guns. In response to this demand, manufacturers have been giving greater attention to fine details, to bring the very best to those who need it. Two of the biggest guns on the market right now are the Angel AR:K paintball gun and the highly anticipated Ego 11 paintball gun. Both the Angel and Ego paintball guns have some of the most innovative features yet to be seen on the market, and use the highest technology to make sure that you hit your target every single time.

The Ego 11 paintball gun was long talked about before it ever hit the market. And once it did, it certainly didn’t disappoint! This gun comes with a feature never to be seen in any paintball gun before, the twin flow control devices that allow you to adjust the speed and feel the rate of fire in your own marker, all with just one simple adjustment This analogue adjustment lets you fire at long ranges with great force, or will give you a smooth and gentle shot, giving you the best of both worlds in one good-looking gun. Along with this you’ll also get other great features like the lever operated clamping feed with sprocket thumb wheel, the under and over poppet, and the contoured dual density grip, to name just a few. Paintball enthusiasts raved about the Ego 11 paintball gun months before it ever hit the market, and they certainly got much more than they were hoping for!

Another contender in the title for “best paintball guns” is the Angel AR:K paintball gun. This gun’s new marker will give you unparalleled accuracy and the low pressure operation cuts back on recoil, which also improves your accuracy. And you can start forgetting about ball breaks too. With the new flow through technology that the Angel AR:K uses, gas is applied directly to the face of the ball so you’ll see fewer ball breaks and more bulls-eyes. Plus you’ll also get unsurpassed fire power and over 2,000 rounds from a single 4500/68ci tank.

There’s nothing more exciting than when a new, innovative, and simply ingenious paintball gun comes onto the market – except when two new exciting guns are made available! We have Angel and Ego paintball guns at affordable prices, because we know how important each and every shot is, and we bring you the best guns in the business to help you make them all, perfectly!

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