Hays Havok
Just a couple of guys havin a good time.....
Nate Windholz
Hays Havok
Hays Havok

Player/Team: Hays Havok

  • Nathan Windholz, Captain - Back Right/Mid Man, Age 16, 3 Years
  • Trey Lynd - Front Man, Age 15, 2 Years
  • Caden Junk - Back Left/Mid Man Age 15, 2 Years
  • Trevor Deets - Back Up Man, Age 15, 2 Years

Team General Information: We are a young team who likes to play hard and aggressive. We have what it takes to be good and we are willing to put in time to get better. Our Team Goal is, "to win or place top two in the tournaments we attend."

Equipment List:  System X NME, Ego 07, Smart Parts Ion, Crossfire tanks, Proflex's, red and black either Proto or Empire jersey and pants, Halo v35, Vlocity Jr., Evo 3.

Practice Schedule: Every Week

Home Location: Hays KS

Where we play: A field we set up out side of our city, with tires and hay bails etc.

Accomplishments: We went 8-6 in our first tournament together, and the second we went 5-3.

Schedule: We are currently trying to get in western KS tournies, maybe even a league so we can play as many tournaments as possible.


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