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Kingman Spyder 2009 Sonix Paintball Marker Player's Kit - Black

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Kingman Spyder 2009 Sonix Paintball Marker Player's Kit - Black

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Kingman Spyder 2009 Sonix Paintball Marker Player's Kit - Black
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The Kingman Spyder Sonix 09 paintball gun is a great way to get into the paintball scene with the trusted name of Kingman behind you. The Sonix is a great entry level paintball gun at a price that everyone can afford. The Sonix comes stock with a delrin bolt to help with air efficiency. This is generally one of the first upgrades you buy for a gun but Kingman helps you out by putting it standard in all there new paintball guns. Since Kingman manufactures the Sonix, you know your going to have unlimited upgrade options. You can customize just about every piece on this gun to get it setup to your exact likings. The one piece you know you'll never have to upgrade on this paintball gun is the actual body. Kingman did some sick milling on this gun to mirror some of there higher end guns. Certainly a great buy for the beginning paintballer.

The Spyder Sonix 09 comes standard with a Delrin bolt with a pull pin top cocking knob making it easy to clean the breach of the marker in between games. With one pull of the top cocking knob a player can slide the entire Delrin bolt out of the marker and gain easy access to all internal portions of the breach for field cleaning.


Kingman 09 Spyder Sonix Paintball Gun
V-Type Paintball Goggle
Squeegee, Barrel Plug & Parts Kit, Manual

Accessories pictured may not be identical as the pictures. In order to keep our prices as low as possible, and to ship quickly without backorders, substitutions of equal or greater value may be necessary to complete your order. Please call if you have any questions about the package items.

Performance Features

Re-designed Contour Body Milling
10" Aluminum Barrel
Vertical Metal Clamping Feedneck
Dusted Matte Finish Anodizing
Pull Pin Top Cocking Knob
Delrin Bolt Construction
Quick Disconnect Pin
One Piece Velocity Adjuster / Spring Guide
Ergonomically Designed Trigger Frame
Two Finger Trigger
No-Slip Rubber Grip Panels
Standard CA Thread Vertical Adapter
Aluminum Fore Grip
Inline Bottom-Line ASA
Steel Braided Hose Line
Operates on CO2 or Compressed Air

Features Benefits
Re-designed Contour Body Milling
One Piece Velocity Adjuster/Spring Guide
Ergonomically Designed Composite Trigger Frame
Vertical Feedneck
Quick Disconnect Pin
Pull-Pin Top Cocking Knob
Delrin Bolt Construction
Low Pressure Chamber
9.5 Inch Aluminum Barrel
Aluminum fore Grip
Two Finger Trigger
Inline Bottom-line ASA
Compatible with CO2 or Compressed Air
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