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Kingman Group Date: April 7, 2009 Contact: +1 626-430-2300 Los Angeles, CA, USA KINGMAN TRAINING TAKES TO THE BEACH Target Shoot, KT Girls, SWAT Demo and a Pro Exhibition Match! The Kingman Training staff stayed busy all weekend at the USPL event in Huntington Beach showing off the latest KT Eraser™ and KT Chaser™ 11mm (.43 Cal) paintball markers. The KT Booth included a fully enclosed target shoot where people crowded all weekend to experience the accuracy and fun these brand new markers offer. Kingman Training presented exhibition matches on center court which included a SWAT vs Street Villain scenario, two recreational paintball matches, and one Pro Paintball Player matchup. The Pro match featured Alex Fraige and Ryan Greenspan from Dynasty going against B-Real and Rojo from the Stoned Assassins. The two-on-two Pro match was the highlight of the weekend with B-Real pulling out a hidden second KT Eraser™ marker putting the boys from Dynasty to rest. These Pro paintball players along with Chris Lasoya, Nicky Cuba, Mike Paxton, and Matty Marshall all picked up a brand new KT Eraser™ over the weekend. "We were stoked to see Alex and Ryan from Dynasty out playing one-on-one with the new KT markers" adds Jason Donaldson, VP of Marketing from Kingman Training. "It was great to see the markers on center court in such exciting formats. From SWAT scenario, guy vs girl one-on-one, to the Pro matchup... it seemed that everyone had a blast." KT Target Shoot SWAT with KT Models Dynasty KT Pro Matchup KT Target Shoot SWAT guys with KT models Dynasty Alex Fraige/Ryan Greenspan Pro Matchup Rojo, B-Real, Greenspan, Fraige The brand new Kingman Training product line features the KT Eraser™ (All Aluminum) and KT Chaser™ (Aluminum + High Impact Polymer) 11mm paintball markers along with 11mm paintballs, CO2 cartridges, accessories, and gear. Exhibition Game play rules can be found on the "About KT" page at our website These markers can be used for recreational & tournament paintball play, scenario play, or SWAT/Tactical training. For more information including specs, videos and photos visit The Kingman Training 11mm paintball markers are now available to the public. 

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