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Lapco BigShot Apex Ready Barrel Matte

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Lapco BigShot Apex Ready Barrel Matte

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Lapco BigShot Apex Ready Barrel Matte
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The LAPCO one piece BigShot™ Apex Ready™ is ideal for players looking for superior performance while using a BT Apex Tip. This amazing barrel allows players to perform trick shots and get all of the benefits of a BT Apex Tip, including extended shot range, while still using a highly accurate barrel with superior gas efficiency.

The BigShot™ Apex Ready™ barrel is made with the same exacting standards of the BigShot™ barrel, while providing the added extra functionality of being precisely engineered for use with a BT Apex Tip. The special metal ridges built into the tip of the barrel allow optimal use of the Apex Tip. Full functionality of the tip is possible, including 360º rotation, optimum accuracy through perfect concentric alignment, and secure tip mounting to the barrel. Don’t settle for partial functionality due to a home-made electrical tape modification.

The BigShot™ Apex Ready™ barrel is the best barrel choice for use with the Apex Tip. The Apex Tip is a tremendous tool for the player, but it is only as good as the barrel that it is mounted to. The underlying accuracy and gas efficiency is important, not only for times when the Apex Tip is turned off, but at all times. Delivering the ball to the Apex Tip without wobble is the key to getting full accurate use of the extra range that the Apex Tip provides. A successful player needs to be able to consistently shoot the desired target repeatedly and predictably.

LAPCO's Tru-Bore™ technology sets it ahead of the pack. Each barrel is stiff arbor honed by a master craftsman. The unique triple honing provides a superior mirror finish, roundness, straightness, cylindricity, concentricity, self-cleaning properties, and ultimately amazing accuracy. These are the reasons for the legendary superiority of LAPCO barrels.

The superior performance of LAPCO barrels have been repeatedly confirmed in a multitude of independent tests over the last 23 years.

Available for sale individually or in combination with the BT Apex Tip.

Precisely engineered for use with a BT Apex Tip.

Allows full functionality and performance of the BT Apex Tip

Securely holds the BT Apex Tip to the barrel.

Made from very high grade aluminum, custom formulated for LAPCO.

Each barrel is amazingly accurate.

Extremely gas efficient due to minimal friction because of the micro-honed mirror finish.

Each barrel is stiff arbor honed by a master craftsman.

Self – Cleaning: Shoot through the occasional ball break – no need to swab.

Performance not affected by heat or cold.

Anodized using a proprietary process that produces an extra hard and durable finish.

Made 100% in-house in the USA.

Every barrel carries The Legendary LAPCO Lifetime Warranty: This is the best warranty you will never have to use.

Each barrel has a 30-Day satisfaction guarantee.

Every barrel is laser engraved with the exact bore size and the LAPCO scorpion.

All BigShot™ Apex Ready™ barrels are specifically engineered for use with the BT Apex Tip.

Each barrel is bead blasted for a perfect matte finish.

This product does not include the Apex tip.

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