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Paintball Training With Laser

Paintball Training With Laser

Looking To Get An Edge Up On Your Game Of Paintball?

Practice, Practice, Practice…
And Use Quality Training Aids

If you love paintball, you know the key to a successful battle is a solid strategy and a quality paintball marker. But how can you get that practical paintball warfare experience as a beginner?

One of the best training grounds for expanding your paintball experience is with laser paintball. Haven’t heard of laser paintball?

It’s a version of paintball often played by younger players or those just learning the sport. Laser paintball is generally considered safer. It is actually very similar to traditional paintball warfare, except instead of shooting paintballs, players use a laser marker combined with high pressure air. When shot, the target looks like it has been shot, but doesn’t feel the sting - or the stain - of a traditional paintball hit. You’ll also save a lot of money on spent paintballs – and laundry! Many knowledgeable brick and mortar and online paintball stores can tell you more about laser paintball.

As a training aid, laser paintball is an ideal way to learn the strategy, maneuvering, tactics and weaponry used in typical paintball games. It directly translates to the more traditional game of paintball, and provides a good groundwork from which you can build as a new player.

Another aid that can be of help to new players is a laser sight. A laser sight is an accessory that attaches to a paintball marker and shoots a visible red or green laser light at a certain distance. This allows the shooter to more precisely aim and see where the paintball will hit.

Depending upon the paintball marker the laser sight is attaching to, it may be mounted over or under the barrel. The laser is normally angled downward (when mounted over the paintball barrel) or angled upward (when mounted under the paintball barrel) slightly to point in the exact place where the paintball will strike. A laser sight will be matched to a paintball gun by way of technical specifications and compatibility; you’ll want to ensure the laser sight you purchase is compatible with the paintball gun it will be placed upon, and their maximum distances will be compatible.

You might wonder how a laser sight works at a greater distance. All laser sights have defined maximum distances. Even at the far end of that distance range, the laser is still visible on the target object. This is possible because of the low light divergence generated by the sight’s laser diode.

At night, however, a typical laser sight is not as visible. For this, a laser sight with an infrared diode may be used. It shoots a beam of light and a spot that is generally invisible to the naked eye. It is visible however with night vision enabled scopes and goggles.

If you are new to the sport of paintball or are working to improve you overall shooting, consider a laser sight. When buying a paintball marker, review the available accessories; many offer laser sight options. A skilled representative from brick and mortar or online paintball stores can provide valuable input and steer you in the right direction.

As with any sport, “practice makes perfect” – and paintball is certainly no different. Get yourself into the game by assimilating yourself with good, experienced players you can learn from; choosing the right paintball marker and accessories; and practicing in whatever manner works best for you.

Red Dot Paintball is both a brick and mortar store and one of the finest online paintball stores. If you are searching for laser paintball as a training aid in the Tri-Cities Washington area, or looking or quality paintball markers, supplies, clothing and accessories at great prices, Red Dot Paintball has what you need. We even have the knowledge you are looking for to make an educated purchase. Phone us toll-free at 866-543-4382 for personal assistance.

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