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Paintbal and Laser Gamesl In Tri-Cities Washington

Just a few years ago, there was nowhere to go in Tri-Cities, Washington if you wanted to round up a good game of paintball. You’d have to travel to other communities in other cities, just for an hour or so of play. But now the game of paintball in Tri-Cities, Washington is alive and going strong, making it more accessible for everyone. And not only that, but you can also find new spins that have been put on the sport to make it more enjoyable for everyone too!

We’ve been selling quality paintball guns, goggles, barrels, clothing, and other paintball accessories online for almost a decade and now we’ve opened a physical store so that those looking for paintball in Tri-Cities, Washington will now have it. With multiple playing fields taking up a total of 43 acres at the Richland ORV park, we are proud to be one of the newest hotspots for birthday parties, bachelor parties, office events, and any other time that you just want to have a lot of fun! And when we opened our doors in 2010, we didn’t just bring one sport to the area, but we offer paintball and laser paintball too!

Laser in Tri-Cities, Washington is relatively new but it offers a safer alternative for younger players and for those who love the thrill of paintball, but don’t enjoy the sting of the hit so much. Paintball and laser paintball are very similar except that laser uses Tippmann 98’s with high pressure air so that it looks as though a person has been shot with a paintball but doesn’t deliver quite the punch. This is great for beginners who are just starting to get the feel for paintball, and for kids as young as five who want to get in on the fun!

Paintball in Tri-Cities, Washington may have been unheard of for the past few years, but that’s no longer the case. We’ve opened our doors and offer both paintball and laser paintball for groups or for those who just want to drop in for a game. Come check out our new fields, our knowledgeable staff, and the great paintball that we offer in Tri-Cities!

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