Smart Parts 47ci 3000 HPA with Max Flow RegulatorSmart Parts 47ci 3000 HPA with Max Flow RegulatorSmart Parts 47ci 3000 HPA with Max Flow Regulator
Our Team Goal is to play hard and we are currently a three man team [with plans] to add two players who will be ready to play soon so that we can participate in 3 and 5 man events.
John R. Gueli

Player/Team: Mayhem

  • John R. Gueli, Captain - Middle, Age 18, 11 Years
  • Cody Gueli - Front, Age 14, 7 Years
  • Derek - Middle, Age?, 6 Years

Team General Information: Hey! We're mayhem. We're an up and coming paintball team just about to break onto the tournament scene. Really we can only hope to do well but with a little luck maybe we won't do half bad. My name is Ryan, I'm 18 and I'm the captin of Mayhem. I've been playing for upwards of 10 years and I really dont have a position. I tend to be all over the field. Now let me introduce you to my other teamates **CODY** Cody is an exciting little player to watch. He moves with a speed and agility you expect out of a much older player. At 14 and 4'11" he's a menace to the opposing teams. He plays up the middle and has 6 years of experience under his belt. Toteing an Ion with a remote, he stays tight and will make you fear the little guy.

Equipment List:  John Gueli- black and yellow Smart Parts fighter jersey #5, red/black Empire grind pants, Viewloader 4 pack, Smart Parts Ion, Evolution 2 hopper, Pure Energy 47/3k steel tank, Smart Parts tank cover, V Force Profiler mask. Cody Gueli- Black/yellow Smart Parts fighter jeresey #7, yellow Smartparts Ion, Viewloader Revolution hopper with x board, coiled remote, antisyphon 20oz tank, 2+1 pack, Proto flexible mask,remok football cleats. Derek-WGP superstock,Velocity Jr with a Virtue chip, guns red and black,red JT jersey,red and black JT Proflex mask, white Empire grind pants,red JT gloves, and JT cleats

Practice Schedule: Every Second Week

Home Location: The Land

Where we play: The Land

Accomplishments: Coming Soon......

Schedule: 3 man Jam @ Splatterpark on March 16th, 5 man Jam at the same location on April 20th.


Sponsored By: Red Dot Paintball. ,

Mayhem 3 Man Setup
Mayhem 3 Man Setup
Mayhem Charlie
John "Ryan" - Captain
John Ryan - Captain

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