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3902 W Clearwater Ave Suite 117
Kennewick WA 99336 

Phone: 509-820-3730
Toll Free: 866-543-4382
Fax: 866-666-1932

Field Location: (NOT THE STORE)
3430 Beardsley RD
Richland WA 99354 

Phone: 509-967-3030
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Paintball Field in Richland
West Richland Paintball Store

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Red Dot Paintball Field

Book your Event Now! Save Time do Your Waiver Online!          Save Time do Your Waiver Online!

Do You Want To Play More Paintball?

Two New Memberships to $$Save$$ you money.  

1)  $50.00 Frequent Players Card.  Buy now and save 10% on Admission and all upgraded paint Case sales for the rest of the year.  Pays for itself in just a couple uses.

  • Return passes are good for 3 weeks in stead of 2.  
  • Not valid for special events or tournament entries
  • Must Purchase in store or at the field.
2)  $100.00 Student's summer pass.  This pass is valid for any weekday opening from June 15 to September 15, 2015. 
  • Unlimited Weekday Free Admissions
  • Free Rental or pass to a friend if you have your own.
  • Receive all the benefits listed in the full membership *****Except they are only valid during weekday play when the park is open.  ****  RDP plans to open most weekdays from Wednesdays through Fridays.  Reservations are recommended.  
  •  Not valid for tournaments, special events or weekends and holiday openings.
  • Just pay for air and paintballs.
  • Must Purchase in the store or at the field.  


Save Money – Save Time – PLAY MORE PAINTBALL


Memberships are a great way to play more paintball, while saving money and time.  The convenience and cost savings alone are a great reason to get a membership but the real reason you need a membership is because you love paintball.  Play more paintball this year.  Memberships are offered from now until further notice and may be sold out at any time.  Purchase one now and receive all of December 2015 for free.  Membership will expire on December 31, 2015.  For 2015, your membership now includes free rental equipment for you or a friend every time you play.  If you don't have equipment, don't worry about it, you can play all year and use ours.  If you have equipment, bring a friend, they can use the rental equipment and just pay for air, entry and paint. 

Benefits of a membership:


-          More fun with family and friends out on the field doing what you love.

-          Save time with priority check in with the benefits of your VIP Line Pass (see below) and don’t mess with waiver forms more than once (we keep them on file for the   calendar year)

-          Free friends!  Every month we will offer a VIP Membership day where you can bring a friend including rental for free. 

-          Save money – if you play just 4 times a month, you will save $360 per year.  Play more and pay less – good deal for a paintball lover!  (Play just twice a month and you’ve covered your costs)


You want to get on the field and play and you want to pay as little as possible.  Red Dot Paintball offers a membership that gives you just that.  Experience the thrill of paintball without worrying about the cost each time you walk on the field (maybe you’ll use your savings on a new gun? We’re just sayin’ it’s a thought!)

Memberships $200.00 Annual, one time payment.  (NSL players receive $100.00 credit towards NSL League Fee if they buy a membership before the NSL season starts). 

Here is what you receive:

  • Unlimited entry to our field, not including entry fees for special events or tournaments.
  • Unlimited use of rental equipment (standard set) for your self or for a friend playing on the same day.  
  • VIP Line Pass - No more waivers, no more safety briefings.  (one per year kept on file).
  • VIP days at the field (monthly).  Member promotions such as bring a friend for free day.  Rental Equipment Included. 


****Red Dot Paintball Reserves the Right to terminate membership sales at anytime.  This promotion is subject to availability.  Effective January 1, 2013, all memberships must pay for air each entry.  Due to insurance purposes, scuba or CO2 fill stations with tanks will not be allowed on the field.  Air fee is mandatory for every player each day.****

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