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I would like to thank you for making my son's 14th Birthday a hit for my son, his dad, and friends. Even though most of the boys had played paintball before they had never had the opportunity to play on a variety of paintball fields all in one place. The advantage of having these different fields was the ability to change up the games as they played. By having a personal assistant assigned to our party, it made the playing even better and controlled. The assistant gave advice to the boys during play about tactics and also gave suggestions on what kinds of games to play in each field which made the playing even more fun. We tried paintball for the first time last year at a different loca
Ginger Hansen
Zillah, WA

Field and Store Location:
3430 Beardsley RD
Richland WA 99354 

Phone: 509-820-3730
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Paintball Field in Richland
West Richland Paintball Store

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Red Dot Paintball Party Information.


Directions:  Our field is not at the store.  If you are going to the store address you are going to the wrong place.

Waiver Forms:  Waiver Form, CLICK HERE Every player must fill one out.  Pre-filling saves time at check-in and very much appreciated.  Minors (10 to 17) must have parental or guardian consent and will not be allowed to play if the waiver form is not with them. 

What to bring:

Of course if you have your own equipment, please feel free to bring it.  However, in order to ensure you are starting on time and are not frustrated on the day of play, we recommend you clean, lubricate and test your equipment before the day of play.  All air cylinders must be "in date" and not expired.  If you are unsure, please phone 509-967-3030 and we can help you determine if the tank has expired.  If it has, don't worry, we can rent you a tank for the day.  Also, our staff will verify your tank is safe for filling prior to play.  All paintball markers (politically correct for paintball guns) are speed checked (chrono) for speed and must shoot under 280 feet per second at our field.

Please wear loose baggy clothes, layered is best.  Example, long sleeve t-shirt covered by long sleeved, sweatshirt, or jersey, or hoody.  Think exposed skin is not a great idea.  Some of you warriors may not care, but please make sure beginners and children dress appropriately.  If you need jerseys or other coveralls, we have items for rent or purchase.  Pants, baggy is best (loose jeans, track pants).  Footwear should be good yard work footwear.  All paintballs at our field are controlled for insurance and easy clean, easy wash, bio-degradable, non-staining.  You must purchase our paintballs for this reason.  Top of the head cover should be a ball cap or beanie, head-wrap, head band, the hood from your hoody. 

Each person must have either through rent or otherwise, a barrel sleeve (barrel plugs are not acceptable) to protect against accidental firing for the end of the paintball marker, paintball marker, hopper, goggles and air tank.  Rentals include all of these items. 


Thank you so much for the great day Saturday! You guys went over and beyond our expectations and made it an amazing experience. You will have alot more business coming your way! Paintballers for life now.
Summer Arbuckle
Gold's Gym, Kennewick

Red Dot Paintball Field

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