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3902 W Clearwater Ave Suite 117
Kennewick WA 99336 

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3430 Beardsley RD
Richland WA 99354 

Phone: 509-967-3030
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Paintball Field in Richland
West Richland Paintball Store

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Outbreak at Scare Grounds

Outbreak Intelligence

The Zombies have migrated Northwest from Kennewick to Red Dot Paintball and are massing in their castle. One more chance to shoot and destroy the Zombies is Saturday November 12. This is a thrill ride. A double decker battlewagon will pull you and children of all ages through Red Dot Paintball where it will stop at 3 known Zombie sightings. The blue lights will come on attracting the zombies out of hiding and in to range. Fire.....20 turret mounted paintball markers shooting glow in the dark paintballs to destroy the zombies. They will not be armed and do not shoot back. This is a thrill ride only and no goggles are necessary. Experience the thrill of shooting paintballs at the zombies. Ages 5 and up.

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6th Anniversary Flyer

Red Dot Paintball Field

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