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What Paintball Accessories Do You Really Need?

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If you’ve just stepped onto a paintball field for the first time, you might be overwhelmed with how everyone looks, dressed head to toe in camo, and you-don’t-even-know-what’s hanging off them every which way. While all of this certainly looks very cool, all these paintball accessories have their own practical functions.

While a paintball gun may seem obvious, it’s essential that every player has their own.  Many places will rent guns, but if you’re serious about the sport, you should really invest in your own to save the high cost of rental gear. When you get your own gun, make sure to ask what lubricant your need.

Always make sure that your paintball gun is well lubricated and in proper working order, before you step out onto the field. If you’re not sure how to test your gun, air up the paintball marker and shoot a test shot.

You’ll want to keep the lubricant handy, so get a gear bag to store your paintball accessories. You will need to keep your gear bag well stocked  with extra batteries, Allen Key wrenches, towels and rags to clean off your paintball splats, and some quality lens cleaner to really keep the smears and fog off your goggles.

Goggles are an accessory that is an absolute must have; Richland, Washington Paintball and all other fields won’t even let you on the field as a spectator if you are not wearing goggles. You only have one pair of eyes and protecting them with good quality goggles is mandatory.  The importance of having them before you even step on the field cannot be stressed enough!

Underneath your goggles, you’ll want to wear something to provide extra padding and cushion for your head. Headbands, beanies, hoodies, headwraps, and a neck protector are all very important pieces of clothing that will give you extra protection while you’re out on the field. If you want to get all decked out in full paintball gear, you will need to keep jerseys, pants, pads, and other equipment in your gear bag. But if you’re just starting out, everyday clothing will suffice on the field.

Always make sure that you’re wearing footwear that is appropriate to the playing field. If you’re going to be in rough terrain, wear high-ankled sturdy boots. If you’re playing on artificial turf, make sure to invest in paintball shoes or indoor soccer shoes.

There are all kinds of accessories that you can buy; and chances are that as you get more involved in the sport, you will!  But when you’re just starting out and only need to cover the basics, the paintball accessories above will be enough to make sure that you’re ready.

So find a field like Paintball West Richland, Washington to take on whatever enemy is out there!

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