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Tippmann A5 Sniper Kit

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Tippmann A5 Sniper Kit

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Tippmann A5 Sniper Kit
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This kit is built for the true sniper. Not only are you given the legendary accuracy of the Tippmann A-5 they also include a 20 inch barrel for that extra accuracy and distance. Lets face it any true sniper needs a there red dot sight not everyone has eagle eyes and even if you do it doesn't hurt to have a little back up. With an adjustable stock you're guaranteed to get the right fit against your shoulder. To top it off this package includes a gun sling for lugging around this bad boy when your not busy shooting everyone off the field.

The Tippmann A-5 paintball gun is one of Tippmann's highest selling guns. You can literally see these in every store within a 5 mile radius and it's for a reason. The Tippmann A-5 is a mid-level paintball gun built with the same quality and durability you can expect from the Tippmann name. The coolest feature on the A-5 is hands down the built in Cyclone feed system. These can feed 20 balls per second and do not take any batteries, making it so there's never that need to upgrade to an expensive loader. This gun is setup great for any level of player, especially the avid woodsballer, right out of the box you have a system that can keep up with just about any high end woodsball style gun on the market. The A-5 is setup so you can easily disassemble the whole bolt system. The A-5 is ready to rock out of the box but in case you are inclined to take your setup 1 level higher the A-5 is very easily upgradable in every aspect. For the price, this gun is a solid investment in any serious paintballer's budget.

The Tippmann A5 Sniper Kit includes:
  • Tippmann A-5 Paintball Marker
  • Tactical 20" Sniper barrel
  • A-5 Collapsible Stock
  • DeadBox Reflex Sight w/Red Dot
  • Universal Gun Sling
  • Off Set Sight Rail
  • Accessories pictured may not be identical as the pictures. In order to keep our prices as low as possible, and to ship quickly without backorders, substitutions of equal or greater value may be necessary to complete your order. Please call if you have any questions about the package items.

    Installation Instructions

    This is the real deal, fully stacked A-5!

    Tippmann A-5
    The All New Tippmann A-5 is a high performance paintball marker with the patented Cyclone Feed System. The Cyclone Feed System Links the Feeder Sprocket to the Air System. The Faster you shoot, the faster the Tippmann A-5 feeds. Pull the Trigger 15 times a second, and the Tippmann A-5 feeds 15 balls per second. The Tippmann A-5 is also easy to clean and maintain with its no tool field strip feature. Innovative technology, maximum firepower, unsurpassed accuracy and Tippmann durability are the core foundations of the all new Tippmann A-5. The A-5 can be field stripped AND re-assembled in less than 60 seconds without tools!


  • Adjustable Front Grip
  • Micro Honed Barrel
  • Extra Light Trigger Pull
  • Built-In Vertical Tank Adapter
  • MP5 Style Rear Sight
  • Removable Grip Frame
  • Inline Tank Adapter
  • Includes A-5 Hopper is the largest authorized Tippmann retailer on the West Coast. Unlike some other online stores, all of our Tippmann products carry the full 1-Year Warranty and are guaranteed to be factory sealed (no accessories removed) and in working condition upon delivery to you. We guarantee it!

    Smart Parts Tactical 20" Sniper barrel
    Smart Parts' new Tactical sniper barrel is TOTAL military simulation. This sniper barrel is long, quiet and accurate at great distances. A perfect upgrade for the Tippmann A-5. Dust Black.

    A-5 Collapsible Stock
    The stock makes for a more comfortable feel. It also improves accuracy by making the gun easier to aim and hold in the shouldered position.

    Reflex Sight w/Red Dot

    Universal Gun Sling

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