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Tippmann Alpha Black Tactical Marker Package In Stock Now

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Tippmann Alpha Black Tactical Marker Package In Stock Now

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Tippmann Alpha Black Tactical Marker Package In Stock Now
Tippmann Power Pack Accessories
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The Alpha Black Tactical Marker includes an M16 style six position collapsible stock and an M16 style shroud with built-in site. The marker features a realistic military appearance. Alpha Black Power Pack includes everyting you need to get started in paintball, including the marker, 200 round hopper, anti-fog goggles and a 9oz CO2 tank. Alpha Black is a durable new marker that incorporates several popular upgrades, including a high-performance 11” barrel, an integrated carry handle, an all-metal receiver and a removable magazine that doubles as a tool kit. As an added benefit, Alpha Black can easily be modified to take on an M16 style stock and shroud – allowing players to take the field with a new marker resembling one of the most popular rifles in U.S military history.

Manufactured by Tippmann Sports, Alpha Black offers reliable performance and durability with its easy-to-maintain in-line bolt system, all aluminum die cast receiver, stainless steel gas line and quick release elbow for easy maintenance.

Barrel length: 11 inches
Features Benefits
High performance barrel
Integrated carry handle
Removable magazine Doubles as a toolkit
In-line bolt system
All-aluminum die cast receiver
Stainless steel gas line
Quick release feeder elbow

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 5 reviews: 4.8
How should i upgrade the Alpha Black?All of my brothers and i got the Alpha Black. The gun is great for woods ball, but I would like an advantage against my brothers. Any
suggestions? Hit for all the guys this sport is great for girls and parties. Im willing to spend 150 bucks.
Written by Gabriel on Fri 13 Jun 2008 3:54:16 AM GMT
jea!!!!!!!!This gun is soldout everywhere I went.I found one at a navy and army store.The accurecy is way 2 good.I put a scope and red dot sight with bi pod .I was out numbered 3 to 1 on one course and got clean breaks as soon as they pop there head up.After the game they came up 2 me and ask me want gun did I get them with and I said ,"The ALPHA BLACK" . Written by jay on Tue 22 Apr 2008 9:53:52 PM GMT
it looks awesomeits real durable and ive dropped it from a sniper tower ans it still works. great for woodsball!!! Written by paintballer on Fri 21 Mar 2008 4:58:49 PM GMT
Nice gun!The alpha black is my first marker and i got what i expected !!! The alpha have a good grip with a good aim, it's a real pleasure to shoot. I think it's a nice beginners weapon at great price! Written by Syl. on Thu 20 Mar 2008 2:25:00 AM GMT
best gun ever the tippmann alpha black tactical markerr is the best gun in the world. I have bean playing paintball for about 5 years. This is by far the best woodsball gun I have used in my paintball time. the accurecy is amazing. And the looks are amazing this is the best gun for the money Written by evan on Sun 10 Feb 2008 4:29:20 PM GMT
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