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RDP Eastern Washinton Tournament Series

Many of you remember the popular Grandview Tournaments held in Grandview, Washington.  To encourage more teams to play competitive paintball during these tough economic times and high fuel prices, Red Dot Paintball is now making this tournament free entry with a non-refundable air fee unless the tournament is cancellled.  The Tournaments were strategically scheduled to fit inbetween other higher profile tournaments to give players opportunity to get quality competition in an organized event.  Following in their tradition, Red Dot Paintball has transitioned the tournaments from Grandview to the Tri-Cities.  Utilizing our artificial turf field we will offer the same format (4-man open and intermediate and 3-man beginner) that the Grandview tradition was known for.

The 2012 tournament days are to be announced.  We anticipate some 1 day tournaments in late summer and or early fall.  Check back often for announcements. See below for last year's format.

  • Open (4-man, more than 1 year tournament experience, sorry no Pro Players allowed)
  • Intermediate (4-man, players have one year or less tournament experience)
  • Beginner  (3-man, players have no tournament experience) 

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The Series Information

  • Yes there will be prizes

Open - First Place Preliminary is 4 Cases of Field Paint + Trophy or Medallion

First Place for Finals is 4 Cases of Field Paint + Trophy or Medallion

Intermediate - First Place is 4 Cases of Field Paint + Trophy or Medallion

Second Place is 4 Cases of Field Paint + Trophy or Medallion

Third Place is Trophy or Medallion

Beginner - First, Second and Third will receive a Trophy or Medallion.  All participants that enter will be given a raffle ticket to win 1 of 9 cases of Field Paint.


Tournament Series

All teams will compete during the series to be grand champions.  Prizes subject to tournament participation of at least 5 teams per division per tournament.  Final prizes will be adjusted to actual series participation.  Tentatively (prize maximums), the additional tournament series prizes are $50.00 RDP Gift Card per beginner player($150.00 per team). 

Series points for each team will be cumulative across all four tournaments.  Points are awarded as follows:

Division Winner 10 points,

Division 2nd 9 points,

Division 3rd 8 points,

Division 4th 7, points,

Division 5th 6, points and so on.  Minimum points received will be 1 point.


1.  May 28, 2011 - Points are 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 for all remaining teams.

Beginner Teams Registered

Eclipse, Whiskey Bravo, Fatal Assassins, Road Kill, Show Stoppers, Lower Valley Paintball

First Place Fatal Assassins 10 Points
Second Place Eclipse 9 Points
Third Place Lower Valley Paintball 8 Points
Show Stoppers 7 Points
Road Kill 6 Points
Whiskey Bravo 5 Points

Download All Tourney Registration Information Here

2.  July 23, 2011


TC Riot

Fatal Assassins
Lower Valley Paintball

Free Agents Looking for Teams email sales@reddotpaintball.com and we will try to put you in touch with other players looking. 

3.  August 20, 2011

4.  October 1, 2011

Punishment Paid
406's Finest

DBS Kill Mode Paid
Team Legend Paid
Bob Dong Brothers Paid
Defiance Paid

The Shammers Paid
Friendly Fire Paid
Metal Mulisha Paid
Ball Blasters Paid
Sabatoge (needs 1 more player)



    For any questions, please call and ask for Harley at 509-967-3030. 


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