Redneck Paintballerz
Redneck Paintballerz
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Redneck Paintballerz
How do you plan to represent Red Dot Paintball? In any way that (we) can, we will wear the gear, we will do anything lol, we will even put your logo on our cars and trucks!
Chris Moore, Redneck Paintballerz

Player/Team: Redneck Paintballerz

  • Chris Moore, Captain - Commander/Heavy Rifleman, Age 20, 8 Years
  • Julie Moore - Sniper, Age 19, 3 Years
  • Monica Moore - Light Rifleman, Age 26, 3 Years
  • Lee Dun - Sniper, Age 28, 4 Years
  • Ricky Moore - Mobile Heavy Gunner, Age 28, 8 Years

Team General Information: We have a team of 5 people and my brother and I have been playing for 8 years and the rest of the team have been playing for about 3 years. Our team goal is to make sure everyone has fun and to be a good team player and role models.

Equipment List:  Chris Moore - Tippman A5 assault with response trigger-Apex berell core red dot runing on HPA using a Tacamo remote and a tatical vest and a JT helmet and i have a proto Rail with UL Frame; Ricky Moore - Spyder image with elctronic grip 14inch berrel running on co2 JT helmet and tactical vest. Julie Moore - Bt4 Ironhorse with e grip-apex berrel running on c02 tatical vest and jt helmet; Lee Dun - Proto Rail with UL frame with sync hopper running on HPA with remote cord; Monica Moore - Tactmark with 16inch berrel and folding stock running on co2,tact vest and JT goggles

Practice Schedule: Every Week

Home Location: North Carolina

Where we play: Wolf Creek Paintball Field,Redneck Paintballerz Field.

Accomplishments: Coming soon.....!

Schedule: To Be Announced.


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