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Players, Red Dot Paintball wants to give back! Please let us sponsor you. The program is easy and any team is eligible provided you successfully join our program by completing our submission application. The application will be considered complete when we approve the application and all requirements have been met by the Team being sponsored. Red Dot Paintballl reserves the right to cancel or terminate this program or any individual player or team at its sole discretion at anytime and without notice. Please note that at this time we are mainly sponsoring teams only. If you are an individual, we suggest starting or joining a team before applying.

Sponsorship is a two way street. At Red Dot Paintball we wish to give back to the players and teams that are loyal to our store. By signing up for this program you are agreeing to become a promoter of our products and an ambassador of the Red Dot Paintball site. In return, the benefits to the player are many and will grow with the success of the teams and our players. Initially, every player will become part of our sponsored group. This gives you access to 10% off of all purchases before shipping and taxes. You receive the discount by simply placing your Player/Team code (emailed to you upon approval of your application) on each order. The 10% will be applied during the checkout process.

The second main benefit is for total purchases credited to your Player/Team code in the calendar year. All purchases will be added to your Player/Team total. Your Player or Team code can be promoted to your team mates for team purchases.  Team totals will be used to qualify you for exciting new benefits such as, banner, patches, lanyards etc.  Your team Captain should ask for sponsorship packages and eligibility through out the year.  Team performance will be measured by your promotional efforts and assessed for additional promotion for team sponsers with vendors such as:

GI Sports

In addition, we have an exciting announcement.

Our paintball dedicated social network site is named PaintballGuns.ME . As part of our family of sponsored teams, you will be involved in the growth and promotion of paintball in general. We believe this is integral to the survival of paintball in your own communities and nationally. We created the dedicated paintball social network site so that we could cross playing style boundaries. Tourney, Woods, Scenario, Milsim, they are all welcome on our site. Together, we will make paintball stronger. Here you will showcase your team and organize, plan events, participate in forums, learn from others, hone your skills, pass on your knowledge.
Last year the final results are in and these teams earned the following in support from Red Dot Paintball.

Now we will say this......fill out the application today! Fill it out completely and accurately. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Also,answer the questions honestly. If you are not prepared to work a little for your sponsor, you will not be successful in this program and will likely be wasting your time as well as ours. We want teams that wish to work a little and exchange share in the success of our paintball community, promoting paintball in general and finding a family of support we call Red Dot Paintball. If you are unsure, have a look at our site and talk to some of the sponsored players and teams. They will be happy to help you! Start today!

Team Name

1. Please join our mailing list(mandatory for sponsor acceptance)?

Please add my email address to your subscriber list. (mandatory for sponsor acceptance).

2. I would like to display this information on your web site?

We give you permission to post information including pictures and video on your website. All content provided is owned by us and is free from Copyright.

3. Where do you normally play and/or practice?

4. What is your practice schedule?

5. What are your player or team goals?

6. Player or Team General Information?

7. Please list each player's equipment list?

8. Teams please tell us who is your Captain?

9. Who are your current sponsors?

10. Home Location?

11. What is your player or team website URL(www.???)?

12. What is your player or team Facebook Page URL(www.???)?

13. What are your past tournament or event achievements?

14. Please give Player 1 Name, Position, Years Played and Age?

15. Please give Player 3 Name, Position, Years Played and Age?

16. Please give Player 4 Name, Position, Years Played and Age?

17. Please give Player 5 Name, Position, Years Played and Age?

18. Please give Player 2 Name, Position, Years Played and Age?

19. Please give Player 6 Name, Position, Years Played and Age?

20. Please give Player 7 Name, Position, Years Played and Age?

21. What is your future tournament or event schedule?

22. How do you plan to represent Red Dot Paintball?

23. Your Team Commitment

Are you willing to profile your team on

24. Your PaintballGuns.Me Commitment.

Are team members willing to work to promote Red Dot Paintball and collectively earn activity points on our social network site. Point earning is easy and simply involves activities such as forum participation, adding pictures, communicating with other members, adding videos, posting local events, adding music, adding friends. Participation by all team members is not mandatory, however, some involvement by the Captain or designated member is. Details provided by email after your submission.

25. Please copy and paste this link to your web page.

Please visit our sponsor’s website Red Dot Paintball.

26. Team Shipping Information

First Name*

Last Name*



Postal/Zip Code*


Day Phone*

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