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Spyder, Kingmann Paintball Guns

Kingmann Paintball Markers Continue To Offer Something New  

Spyder Paintball Guns Continue To Improve
And Improve The Sport Too

New and exciting Kingmann paintball markers, which are more commonly known as Spyder paintball guns, are continually being enhanced and re-introduced to the paintball market. One of the most recent additions to the family of Kingmann paintball markers is the Spyder VS1.  

These Spyder paintball guns were released in June of ’07 and are likely to prove to be top sellers among paintball enthusiasts. 

This new paintball gun will be part of the VS series of Spyder paintball guns, which means it will offer the same electronic break-beam eyes and semi-auto / burst-firing modes found on other VS Kingmann paintball markers. In addition, this new paintball gun will offer: 

  • The ability to operate at a full 20bps firing capacity with either CO2 or N2 compressed air
  • The flexibility to compete in national tournaments or in backyard games with the same gun
  •  Light weight, making it easy to unleash havoc upon other players with superior firepower

Spyder paintball guns have long been a favorite brand for those that are just getting into the sport, as well as for those that have been playing for years. The variety of models coupled with the high-quality and relatively low price when compared to competitors has made it a top brand. 

At, you’ll find this hot new gun, as well as many others at great online pricing. Take a moment to browse through our many available Kingmann paintball markers 

For paintball guns and supplies, you’ll find we are a comprehensive resource on the web. In addition, don’t forget that shipping* is free and all orders placed before 3:00PM Eastern ship* the same day. Shop online and save! 

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