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Fight & Win With The Angel AR:K Paintball Gun

Are You Planning To Play Paintball? 

Come Prepared To WIN With The New Angel AR:K Paintball Gun By Your Side

Are you planning a day of paintball in Moses Lake, WA or the surrounding area? Whether you are playing with friends or participating in a paintball tournament, having the right type of equipment by your side is essential.

While you are likely to have a good time regardless of the type of paintball gun you have with you, be sure you select the paintball field that meets your group’s requirements best. It is a good idea to research your options carefully to find the field and the gun that suits you the best.

A great gun option that is certainly worth considering is the Angel AR:K paintball gun.

The Angel AR:K paintball gun series is the upgraded version of the A1 series. While there are certainly some similarities between the new Angel AR:K and the A1, the new series introduces some major improvements. Some of these include:

  • Sealed breech to keep dirt and debris out of the bolt and breech area
  • Set of break beam eyes to prevent chopping paintballs at even high rates of fire
  • Apex-ready barrel
  • Color LED circuit board with text available in different languages
  • Clamping feed neck designed to hold the loader securely in place
  • Collapsible stock kit
  • Low pressure operation that makes it possible to shoot more than a case of paint with one fill of the 68/4500 tank
  • Through-flow bolt kit that delivers air to the paintball and reduces ball breaks within the breech, allowing for shooting of a greater number of brittle paintballs
  • Removable pictanny rails that allow for the mounting of accessories such as scopes, flashlights, sights and lasers
  • Fly paper grip tape on both sides of the grips for no slippage
  • Dual bearing gun trigger with 4-point adjustability and no lateral movement
  • Usable with both high and low pressure tanks but performs optimally with a low pressure 450 psi input. 
  • Adjustable board that works off a micro switch sensor, offering high rates of fire

In short, the new Angel AR:K paintball gun offers a number of features that provide for smooth, reliable operation. While the new series does allow for shooting at high rates of speed, care was taken to ensure the stock model is tournament-legal. This means you can be certain the stock gun can be used in any standard competition or tournament. At the same time, the new paintball guns are easily adjustable, so you should have no problem customizing the gun for your individual needs.

So, whether playing paintball in Moses Lake, WA with a bunch of buddies or at a tournament outside Spokane, the AR:K is a great option to consider. For a great price on this excellent marker, buy it online at; click here.

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