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The HeadHunters
Our Team Goal is to promote the Sport of Paintball with the general public, to help bring paintball "out from the cold and into the mainstream of public sport". To promote sportsmanship, fitness, loyalty. To increase the "fun" factor for new players.
CSPO SSGT-R Mike Breslin
Six Year Veteran of the U.S. Airborne
The Head Hunters Logo

Player/Team: The HeadHunters

    Command Section:

Mike Breslin HeadHunter01 Coomanding Officer Age 42: exp 6yrs

Chris Belanger Midas Section Leader, Heavy Weapons Age 42: exp 4 yrs

Bradley Belanger Maddog Communications/Heavy Gunner Age 18: exp 4yrs

Ryan Belanger Osiris HQ Security Element/Heavy Gunner Age 16:exp 4 yrs

Joey Giddings Littleman Morale Officer Age 10mos:exp 1mo

Fire Team Alpha:

Trevor Breslin Joker-56 Team Leader Age 17: exp 6yrs

Mike Giddings Warpig Automatic Rifleman Age 18: exp 6yrs

Judson Benner Frank Skirmisher/Comms. Age 39: exp 1 yr

Scott McCutcheon SPAZ Skirmisher/Bunkerbuster Age 42: exp 2 yrs

Max Crazygerman6 Skirmisher/Medic Age 17: exp: 4yrs

Fire Team Bravo:

Matt Wilson Pyrosomnia Team Leader Age 26:exp 6 yrs

Ian Chester Sundawg Skirmisher/Demolitions Age 45: exp 6 yrs

Darren Beausoleil Booker Skirmisher Age 25: exp 6yrs

Josh Gervais Knuckles Skirmisher/sniper Age 35:exp 7 yrs

Equipment List:  Currently the Team members equipment varies from secondary markers such as Brass Eagle Maurauders and Black Maxxs's, GameFace Recon E5's, Tippmann 98 customs, Tippmann A5's (AK47 mods,Flatlines,Stealths), Pursuit Combat Systems US5E's (M4 modifications), Zeus sidearms,Tiberus TAC-8 sidearms, and a few alternative HPA mortars. Plans for a Paintball Armoured Vehicle (PAV) are being finalized w/construction set to begin when the snow leaves.

Practice Schedule: Every Month

Home Location: Midland, Ontario, Canada

Where we play: Wasaga Beach Paintball Adventure, Wasaga Beach,Ont-HeadHunters Paintball (private field).

Accomplishments: Coming soon.......

Schedule: Next Event-Frosty's revenge 08 MArch 2008 @Wasaga Beach Paintball Adventure. Currently we are scheduled for 2 Scenarios in March,2 in April, 3 in May ,1 in Aug,1 in Sept, and are finallizing some plans for Michigan and Massachusetts.

Contact: airborne13_90@hotmail.com

Sponsored By: Red Dot Paintball. ,

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