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How The Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun Can Improve Your Game

How The Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun Can Improve Your G

Looking For A New Paintball Marker?

The Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun Is A Great Choice To Give You An Edge In Your Game For Less

When you’re in a wild paintball game, you depend upon your paintball marker to never let you down. You want your marker to shoot well, shoot accurately, and do so without failing. This seems like a fairly straightforward list of requirements, doesn’t it?

Well, it all depends upon the marker you buy. There are a lot of paintball markers sold today that are just not as good as others. As a result, you could end up with inferior equipment if you don’t research your choices beforehand and shop with caution. And, we all know that inferior equipment is often the demise of even the most avid paintball player.

Planet Eclipse is one of the finest paintball marker manufacturers today. With an option for virtually every experience level and every price point, you’re sure to find a quality marker to make your next paintball war a big success.

The Planet Eclipse Etha paintball gun is one of the lesser priced models from Eclipse. Regardless of its price point, however, you are getting a quality marker, built to last, that will definitely add to your game.

So just how does the Planet Eclipse Etha paintball gun add to your game?

  • The materials used to construct the Etha are the same as those used in other higher priced Eclipse models. In fact, some key components are identical. With the Etha, you get a quality marker, but the simpler design of many of its internal and external components allows Eclipse to sell it at a lower price. This is truly more “bang for your buck” – same great quality and level of accuracy found in much higher priced models!
  • No leaks! The words that every paintball player loves to hear! Over time, many paintball markers, particularly lower priced and lower quality models, can encounter air leaks. An air leak can cause a loss in pressure, thus negatively affecting both firepower and accuracy. The Planet Eclipse Etha paintball gun is repeatedly tested for air leaks in multiple ways and during multiple stages of the assembly process. Only markers with a 100% success rate in all air leak tests are approved for packaging. For you, the paintball warrior, this means you can fight your paintball war with the confidence in knowing your marker will shoot when you need it to, and as expected.
  • The very high design, manufacturing, and testing standards of the Planet Eclipse Etha paintball gun mean that your marker will perform as expected in all types of weather, outdoors or indoors, and with all types of paint. After shooting your first ten paintballs or after firing 100,000, you can rest assured that this marker will consistently perform. Plus, it is very tough and durable, capable of withstanding your intense game play.
  • While similar, this paintball marker is also different from other Eclipse markers – but in a good way! For example, a spring return bolt system in the firing mechanism simplifies the pneumatic controls of the marker, with a PCB controlled firing mode built in, preprogrammed with firing modes compatible with the major tournaments – no upgrades needed for this great feature!

You just can’t go wrong with the Planet Eclipse Etha paintball gun. Quality, value, reliability, rugged construction and innovative design and construction help make this one marker that can truly help give you an edge in your next paintball war.

Red Dot Paintball is both an online store and a brick and mortar store. Our paintball outfitter store is near Spokane, Washington, in West Richland. We sell quality paintball markers, supplies, clothing and accessories at great prices – including the Planet Eclipse Etha paintball gun. Whether you are looking for paintball guns, clothing or upgrades, Red Dot Paintball has what you need -- plus the know-how you are looking for to make an educated purchase. Phone us toll-free at 866-543-4382 for personal assistance.

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