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Tippmann 2011 A5 Flatline Stealth Sniper Paintball Gun Kit - Standard

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Tippmann 2011 A5 Flatline Stealth Sniper Paintball Gun Kit - Standard

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Tippmann 2011 A5 Flatline Stealth Sniper Paintball Gun Kit - Standard
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Let's see... you want a reliable and dependable marker that won't die on you in the woods, you want longer range than your opponents; you want a shoulder stock for that authentic feel, a coiled remote hose to take the load off your arms... and you want a deal?

No problem!

The Tippmann 2011 A5 Flatline Stealth Sniper Paintball Gun Kit has everything you need to rule the woods. These classic components deliver rock solid performance and dependability that will last for years and not break the bank. The upgraded 2011 Tippmann A5 paintball marker is a legend in the industry for its brute reliability and ease of maintenance. The Flatline Barrel redefined the meaning of "reach out and touch someone", as its curved barrel design puts backspin on the paintball to extend its flight over 33% farther than conventional barrels. The collapsible stock provides an authentic and comfortable feel of a real rifle while the coiled remote lets you mount your CO2 or HPA tank on your harness or vest so you can concentrate on eliminating your opponents. The Tippmann 2011 A5 Flatline Stealth Sniper Paintball Gun Kit is ready to rock!

Combo includes:

- Tippmann 2011 A5 paintball marker
- Flatline Barrel
- Collapsible Stock
- Coiled Remote Hose with Quick Disconnects

Accessories pictured may not be identical as the pictures. In order to keep our prices as low as possible, and to ship quickly without backorders, substitutions of equal or greater value may be necessary to complete your order. Please call if you have any questions about the package items.

Marker features:

- Enhanced Cyclone Feed System feeds up to 15 balls per second without batteries and features softer internal paddles
- External Selector Switch allows players to switch easily from safety to firing mode
- Larger Front Grip for improved feel and easier upgrading
- Redesigned Internal Bore with wider design for faster field stripping and easier maintenance
- Lighter Receiver Design reduces the overall weight of the marker
- New Tombstone Connections makes maintenance faster and easier with less parts.
- Front Sling Mount that is removable if not needed
- Low-Profile Hopper with an offset design for a clear sight line
- Black Gasline for less eye-attracting shine
- Improved Stock Barrel with more porting for noise reduction and accuracy
- .68 caliber
- Runs on CO2 or Compressed Air

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