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Tippmann Custom PS Act Response Basic

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Tippmann Custom PS Act Response Basic

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Tippmann Custom PS Act Response Basic
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Tippmann’s new 98 Custom Platinum Series is now easier to upgrade, modify and maintain. See video in red links below.

Tippmann’s new 98 Custom Platinum Series with Response Trigger is now easier to upgrade, modify and maintain. With the patented air assisted Response Trigger built in you can fire up to 15 balls per second without batteries.

New Features Include:
*Split Receiver Design, which provides easier access to internal components for simplified installation of grip upgrades and modifications

*Secure Front Sight Spring and Trigger Pins, which makes the marker easier to service and reassemble

*Easy-to-Remove Power Tube Design with self-sealing/locking gas line secures the valve in place and eliminates two bolts from previous design making maintaining the marker quicker and easier

*Full Depth Pockets for ASA, which eliminates the need to loosen the ASA bolts when disassembling the marker

*New Barrel Porting and a Matte Finish, which improves marker air efficiency and reduces reflective glare

*Picatinny Rails, which makes adding a carry handle, scopes and other accessories a snap

*Redesigned, Vertical Front Grip, which offers improved stability and added texture for a more secure feel

*Redesigned Sling Mount End Cap, which allows players to easily attach a variety of different sling styles

There is also a new Quick Thread Flatline Barrel, which attaches as easily as any other barrel to save players significant time and effort. The new Platinum Series maintains the core features of the original 98 Custom including, ACT (Anti Chop Technology), all aluminum die cast receiver, quick-release feeder elbow and a 200-round hopper. It’s fully compatible for CO2, compressed air, or nitrogen.

Caliber: .68
Power: CO2, compressed air, nitrogen
CO2 Capacity: NA
Firing rate: 8 BPS
Barrel length: 8.5 inches
Weight: 2.9 lbs (without tank)
Action: Semi-automatic
Hopper Capacity: 200
Feed rate: 8 BPS
Trigger: Standard
Length: 19.6 inches
Effective Range 150+ ft

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Great gunI have owned this gun since I started playing paintball three years ago and I will never get rid of it. Tippmann has made such a reliable gun that is easy to maintain so if anything goes wrong, it will be a quick fix. The gun is also easy to upgrade. I have done many upgrades and it was easy to build even for someone like me who never had never taken apart a paintball gun. All around a great gun that I would recommend to any woodsball player or any beginner. I give Tippmann's 98 custom a 5 of 5 for being a great all around gun and would never give it up. Written by Cody Walling on Sun 11 Apr 2010 7:06:10 PM GMT
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