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Tippmann paintball guns have been around since 1986, when the company decided to change from manufacturing replica, half-scale machine guns to the paintball industry.  Since that time Tippmann has grown to become one of the largest, most reputable paintball companies in the market.  Recently they have added their unprecedented commitment to paintball by offering a 2 year warranty to backup their quality statement.  Tippmann has introduced its newest paintball gun brand in conjunction with the US Army.  The all new US Army Paintball, has the intention of introducing new players with a marker offering that is inexpensive or cheap if you will.  These cheap paintball guns are not cheap in quality!  They are of the same trusted quality expected from the Tippmann Brand.  They are backed by the 2 year warranty that all Tippmann guns are backed by.  In addition, they offer modifications built in.  The US Army Alpha Black E-Grip model is simply an incredible buy.  For those of you ready for serious scenario paintball, the all new Platinum Series takes the traditional Tippmann 98 to a new level.  Also look at all the Tippmann markers and guns.  The Tippmann X7, Tippmann A5, Tippmann C3 are all paintball guns that can be matched to your style and level of play.


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