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Tippmann paintball guns have been around since 1986, when the company decided to change from manufacturing replica, half-scale machine guns to the paintball industry.  

Although the company was afraid the sport of paintball would be a passing fad, they decided to make the shift into making their proprietary Tippmann paintball markers because gun law changes were making it more and more difficult to manufacture replica guns.  

Since the Tippmann’s were afraid the paintball trend wouldn’t last, they decided to make high performance, durable Tippmann paintball guns that were affordable. With the help of their background in machine gun manufacturing, they were the first to build semi-automatic and fully-automatic paintball markers.  

Obviously, the sport grew and the demand for Tippmann paintball markers grew too. Today, there are a variety of Tippmann paintball guns to select from… 

  • A5 (available as Electronic, Response, Stealth, and more)
  • 98 Custom Act(available in camo, silver, black, and more)
  • C3
  • X7 (available in Basic, Response, EGrip, and more)

With so many different, high-quality Tippmann paintball markers to select from, it’s easy to see why the company is considered a leader in the industry. It also explains why the company was able to grow from eight employees in 1986 to over 120 today. 

For those interested in safety, Tippmann guns are a must. At, you’ll find a wide selection of Tippmann paintball guns. You’ll find the right gun at a great price. All of our Tippmann paintball markers ship* the same day they are ordered if the order is placed before 3:00PM Eastern. Shop online today!  

* Same-day shipping excludes orders received on weekends and holidays.

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