Tippmann X7 and Phenom
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1-Piece Barrel1-Piece Barrel1-Piece Barrel One of the hottest selling barrels in Paintball. This is a tournament level barrel at a very affordable price. Very accurate and very quiet.
Barrel Only - Battle StikxxBarrel Only - Battle StikxxBattleStikxxTM Recon Military Style, 14" Rifled Barrel that can be used in both woods and in scenario. Scenario players love the Marine sniper profile.
Barrel Only - DominatorBarrel Only - DominatorDominator� Recon M-16 Military Style, 14" rifled gun-drilled barrel specifically designed for woods and scenario paintball. Woods-ball players love the Military-look.
Barrel Only - MoFoBarrel Only - MoFoMoFo™ The MoFo is a lightweight (2.3oz) Rifled, Carbon-Fiber Composite, aircraft aluminum core barrel.
Barrel Only - Scenario MoFoBarrel Only - Scenario MoFoScenario MoFo™ The Scenario MoFo is a lightweight (2.3oz) Rifled, Carbon-Fiber Composite, aircraft aluminum core barrel. NEW WITH THREADED TIP!
Barrel Only - Shark ToothBarrel Only - Shark ToothShark ToothTM - Our exclusive Shortie Rifled, Gun Drilled Barrel now available in black, gold and silver. Can be used in both woods and in scenario. The Sharktooth barrel used with a spyder fin works well with the Ariakon Combat Pistol (ACP).
Base KitBase KitThis is a great starter kit. You'll have the right bore size for about 95% of the paint manufactured today.
BT Tactical Stock Adjustable CAR fits X7BT Tactical Stock Adjustable CAR fits X7The BT Collapsible CAR Stock easily attaches to your marker and features six positions that adjust with the click of a button for that perfect fit when you’re playing with your BT MERC, HRT, Static or Battle Vest.
Complete KitComplete KitThis kit comes complete with all 5 control bores and all 4 tips, giving you 20 barrel combinations.
FinsFinsHammerhead barrel fins.
Freak AdapterFreak AdapterFreak Adapter allows you to shoot our Battle Stikxx, Bang Stikxx or Shark Tooth.
Full Bore KitFull Bore KitOur most popular kit!! You will always have the right bore to paint combo!!
Hammerhead - Freedom FighterHammerhead - Freedom Fighter Freedom Fighter™ - This Mil-Sim 14" rifled and gun-drilled barrel is specifically designed for woods and scenario paintball. However it can be used for speedball.
Kit BoxKit BoxKeep all your Hammerhead items together and safe.
LINK AdapterLINK  AdapterLink together 2 or more Hammerhead Rifled Barrels together.
MuzzlesMuzzlesNEW!!! Hammerhead� introduces a New Breed of a 100% Premium Magnesium reverse ported muzzles.
Sly Classic Barrel BackSly Classic Barrel BackSly Classic Barrel Back has ultra-premium grade aluminum for the utmost in accuracy and compression factor. This barrel is compatible with Sly Dual-Carbon CLASSIC Series Tips. Two popular bore sizes, .689 and .692.
Sly Pro-Merc Single BarrelSly Pro-Merc Single BarrelSLY is proud to announce the release of the new 1 Piece Pro-Merc Dual Carbon barrel, featuring the use of carbon fiber technology bonded with a new slim back system. The Pro-Merc Single barrel utilizes a diamond-cut T6061 T6 hardened aluminum outer sleeve threaded to fit various markers, bonded with the SLY patented Dual Carbon tapered tip. The result is an ultra light weight solution to the One Piece Tournament barrel.
TACAMO AK-47 Stock for X-7TACAMO AK-47 Stock for X-7The TACAMO AK-47 Wooden Stock for Tippmann X-7 marker uses a current military production part to give you the ultimate in realism. Anyone who has ever fired a real AK-47 will recognize the short, tight feel you get when shouldering this classic piece of military hardware.
TACAMO K 416 Barrel Kit for X-7TACAMO K 416 Barrel Kit for X-7The TACAMO X-7 (HK 416) Barrel Kit is as close to the real deal as we could make it. Fabricated from high strength, lightweight aluminum, the 416 barrel kit is as tough as the Tippmann it goes on.
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