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Tippmann X7 Phenom Heavy Gunner Paintball Marker Package  Egrip

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Tippmann X7 Phenom Heavy Gunner Paintball Marker Package Egrip

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Tippmann X7 Phenom Heavy Gunner Paintball Marker Package  Egrip
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They go by a myriad of names... hammer, anchor, support gunner, automatic rifleman... but they all do the same thing: lay down suppressive fire. Front players get all the glory but back players don't mind; they like to shoot and shoot a lot at range. For you, the guys and gals who want to shoot paint like its the last game ever, the Tippmann X7 Phenom Heavy Gunner Paintball Marker Package was made for.

The heart of the package is the Tippmann X7 Phenom marker. This amazing woodsball marker is the most advanced marker ever released from Tippmann, ushering in a new level of performance, reliability and upgradability. Its blow forward pneumatic design increases the air efficiency and decreases the recoil over all previous Tippmann models. Support upgrades start with the proven Tippmann Flatline Barrel System. This legendary curved barrel puts a backspin on the paintball for a flat trajectory and increased range out to 180 feet. An adjustable bipod mounts under the barrel. It folds out of the way but deploys quickly for when you need a steady firing platform for putting a ton of paint downrange. Completing the package is a collapsible stock for a stable shooting stance.

You better buy a bigger vest to hold more pods because once you start shooting this package you'll never want to stop pulling the trigger!

Combo includes:

- Tippmann X7 Phenom paintball marker
- Flatline Barrel
- Folding bipod
- Collapsible stock

Accessories pictured may not be identical as the pictures. In order to keep our prices as low as possible, and to ship quickly without backorders, substitutions of equal or greater value may be necessary to complete your order. Please call if you have any questions about the package items.

Marker features:

- Made in the USA
- Low recoil blow forward design
- Greater gas efficency than A5, X7 or 98 Custom
- Over 1400 shots per 68 ci 4500 psi HPA tank
- Compact and lightweight aluminum body
- Pushpin construction for easy field stripping
- All-metal trigger for enhanced stability
- Three position selector switch (Electronic model)
- 5 programmable firing modes (Electronic model)
- Magnetically activated hall effect electronics (Electronic model)
- Quick release magazine with built-in tool storage
- Gas through grip eliminates need for hoses to blow or snag, giving a more streamlined look and feel
- Redesigned Cyclone Feed System paddles feed up to 20 balls-per-second without batteries
- Piccatinny top rail to easily add new sights or handles
- Removable front and rear sights
- Low profile, offset hopper for clear line of sight
- Modular foreward handguard with two rails to add sights, lasers, bipods or other accessories
- Internal regulator with new external velocity adjustment (tool required)
- 9.5” high performance, stone-honed barrel
- Includes maintenance pack, barrel blocking device, and marker lubricant
- Two year marker warranty

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