Triggers & Frames
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Triggers & Frames
Double triggers, e-triggers, and upgrade kits, we have them all.
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Airowgun Gun Air Chamber Shield
AZODIN/Spyder Sling Trigger
DM5 Trigger
DM6/DM7/DM8 Rake Trigger
DM6/DM7/DM8 Sling Blade Trigger
Droid/Cyborg RX Trigger
E-Grip Electronic Upgrade Kit - For markers with serial no. 893000 or higher
E-Trigger Electronic Upgrade Kit - For The US Army Alpha Black Basic and Basic Tactical Editions
Freestyle Trigger
G3 and ICQ Trigger
G7-45 Degree Trigger
Impulse Trigger
Intimidator Rake Trigger
Intimidator Sling Blade Trigger
Intimidator Snatch Grip
Intimidator Stick Trigger
Intimidator Swoop Trigger
Invert Mini Roller Bearing Trigger
Ion Rake Trigger
Ion Sling Blade Trigger
Ironmen Blade Trigger - Black
Ironmen Blade Trigger - Clear
Luxe Trigger
Matrix Bearing Trigger
PM Sling Blade Trigger
PM7 Sling Blade / Rake Trigger
PMR UltralightTrigger
Proto Rake Trigger
Proto SLG Trigger
Proto Sling Blade Trigger
Reach Trigger - Black
Reach Trigger - Clear
Response Trigger Kit
Tippmann 98 Double Trigger Kit
Tippmann A5 Double Trigger Kit
Tippmann A5 E-Grip Electronic Upgrade Kit with Selector Switch
Tippmann A5 Response Trigger Kit
Tippmann X7 Double Trigger Upgrade Kit
Tippmann X7 eGrip Electronic Upgrade Kit with Selector Switch
Tippmann X7 Response Trigger Kit
TM-15 Double Trigger Kit

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Empire BT-4 Combat Slice Marker

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