Violent Fury
Violent Fury's team goals are to place in the top three at every tournament we enter. We have off the field goals to be recognized as one of the most professionally appearing, play with the highest of integrity, and to be known as fierce and intelligent competitors.
Steve Ragan, Violent Fury
Tim Coville, Jim Coulter, Chris Jones

Player/Team: Violent Fury

  • Chris Jones, Captain - Back-insert, 15 Years
  • Steve Ragan - Middle Back, Age 31, Playing 3 Years
  • Jim Coulter - Middle Front, 15 Years
  • Tim Coville - Left Front, 4 Years
  • Tim "Sanchez" Cannizzo - Right Front, 10 Years
  • Jim Benedict - Back Right, 5 Years
  • Dusty Reiger - Back Left, 2 Years
  • John Lawrence - Insert Middle, 15 Years

Team General Information: Violent Fury is a tight group of friends that have a passion for paintball. We hone our skills by playing each other and several local groups weekly. We come from all walks of life, with varying degrees of experience. We enjoy traveling throughout the Northeast for scenarios and speedball tournaments.

Equipment List:  Chris Jones-Ego and Karnivore w/ Empire Reloader B Hopper Jimmy Coulter-Angel 1 and Karnivore w/ Relaoder B Hopper Csaba Andoc-Angel 1 w/ Halo Hopper Tim Coville-F8 Fusion and Ion w/ Reloader B Hopper Steve Ragan-F8 Fusion and Ion Max'd w/ Relaoder B and Halo Hoppers John Lawrence-Angel 1 w/ Reloader B Hopper Tim "Sanchez" Cannizzo-Ego w/ Reloader B Hopper Dusty Reiger-Ion Max'd w/ Reloader B Hopper Jim Benedict-Karnivore w/ Reloader B Hopper Matt Bobenhausen-DM4 w/ Ricochet Hopper Chad Kazimer-Superstock and Freeflow w/ Reloader B Hopper Various other friends

Practice Schedule: Every Week

Home Location: Hannibal, NY

Where we play: Extreme Action Sports-Baldwinsville, NY Headrush Paintball-Syracuse, NY Personal woodsball field-Hannibal, NY

Accomplishments: Turkey Bowl 2007-2nd Place Syracuse, NY EAS Zombie Scenario 2007-Baldwinsville, NY Castle Conquest Spring and Fall 2007-EMR Paintball New Milford, PA D-Day Invasion 2007-Jim Thorpe, PA Turkey Bowl 2006-4th Place Syracuse, NY Skydome Invitational 2002, 2003-4th Place Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Schedule: We will play all 2008 EAS Scenarios, 2008 Blizzard Bowl Tournament, Both Castle Conquests at EMR, 10 Man Woodsball Scenario in Lake Picaso, NJ, D-Day Invasion in PA, as well as various other tournament and scenarios as we learn of them.


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