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Virtue Proto M7 & Rail Board

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Virtue Proto M7 & Rail Board

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Virtue Proto M7 & Rail Board
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The Virtue Proto M7 & Rail Board installs in minutes, and will dramatically increase the performance of your gun. The most advanced upgrade in paintball.

Barrels, bolts, triggers...the same old upgrades, using the same old technology. Virtue is the only upgrade that actually replaces your gun's engine, improving performance at every level. Virtue is the only accessory in paintball guarenteed to UPGRADE your gun's engine.

Virtue’s advanced trigger and eye logic ensure your marker will be the fastest on the field, while never breaking a ball, even in straight semi-auto. And Virtue’s fully adjustable modes, place virtually an infinite number of firing capabilities at your finger tips.

But don’t take our word for it. All Virtue boards are backed by a lifetime warranty. Plus if you order from your board comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Key Features

* Compatible with PM7 and Proto Rail.
* Completely redesigned and updated components from the stock board. Not just a stock board loaded with new software.
* Simple trigger programming
* 7 fully adjustable base modes, w/ thousands of ramp modes
* Fully adjustable, unlimited, Max Rate of Fire
* 15 BPS Ready
* 100% tournament legal (NPPL, PSP, NXL, CFOA, Millennium)
* Advanced Virtue Eye & Trigger Logic
* Adjustable debounce & mechanical bounce (AMB)
* Adjustable dwell, eye sensitivity, anti-bolt stick & more
* Adjustable Ramp Activation Speed and Ramp Percentage
* Low battery indicator and power efficient software
* Forced shot
* Brighter multicolor LED
* Instant on with power saving 10 minute idle auto shutoff
* Lifetime warranty & lifetime software upgrades

Firing Modes:
No software has more options or adjustability than Virtue. Not only does Virtue offer more features, but every setting is fully adjustable, meaning you can create thousands of modes on your own and customize your board just how you want it. Virtue starts with 7 base modes of fire, each of which can be customize to your settings, including the Ramp Mode, putting thousands of fun modes at your fingertips.

Semi Auto:

NPPL Legal Semi Automatic Fire;1 trigger pull equals 1 shot. Virtue’s enhanced trigger sensitivity, combined with advanced eye logic give Virtue the fastest semi-auto mode in paintball.

Fully Adjustable Ramp Mode (thousands of ramping options):

Set your gun to ramp exactly how you want it. Control when the ramping starts, how much it ramps by as well as the maximum rate of fire. You set the ramp activation speed, ramp percentage, and max rate of fire. The only fully adjustable Ramp Mode with thousands of ramping options.

Breakout Mode:

Turn the gun on and the first shot will shoot full auto for as long as you hold down the trigger. Once you release the trigger the gun goes into Ramp Mode and ramps based on your settings. The full auto on first pull does not repeat until you restart your marker.

PSP Ramping:

PSP Legal when capped at 15bps. The first 3 shots are Semi Auto. After the 4th shot the marker ramps to the rate of fire your "Max Rate of Fire" is set to. Once the trigger is let go and 1 second elapses, the 3 shot Semi Auto count restarts.

NXL Style Full Auto:

NXL Legal when capped at 15bps. The first 3 shots are Semi Auto. On the 4th shot hold down the trigger, and the marker will shoot full auto at your Max Rate of Fire. Once the trigger is let go and 1 second elapses, the 3 shot Semi Auto count restarts.

Auto Response:

1 shot on the pull of the trigger; 1 shot on the release. This setting will make you shoot twice as fast as you can pull the trigger.

Full Auto:

Hold down the trigger, and the marker will fire at your max rate of fire, or as fast as your loader can feed.

Compatible with: Proto Matrix 7, Proto Rail
Max rate of fire: Unlimited*
Modes of fire 7 fully adjustable base modes with thousands of ramping modes
Battery life: 100,000+ shots
Battery type: 9 volt
Battery connection: stock battery harness
Processor type: enhanced, micro-processor
Programming light: multicolor LED
Dip switches: two (15bps cap & tourney lock)
Trigger sensor type: stock lever switch
Buttons: two (on/off & eye operation)
Includes: manual, sticker, carrying case

* Virtue's max rate of fire is fully adjustable, from 10.5bps to unlimitated! The only limitations on how fast you can shoot are the markers internal pneumatics and how fast your hopper will feed.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Virtue

1. Smoother Shooting: All of the pros who use Virtue agree. Guns with Virtue in them will shoot the most consistent, smoothest streams of paint with ease.

2. Easy Trigger programming: Change modes and settings on the fly, all through the trigger without ever having to open the grip.

3. Enhanced trigger sensitivity: Virtue Logic scans the trigger thousands of times every second, ensuring each pull is registered so you can shoot faster than ever.

4. Advanced eye logic: Virtue Logic upgrades the firing system in your paintball gun by enhancing your markers stock programming to ensure your marker never chops paint again.

5. Fully Adjustable Ramping: With Virtue you won’t be limited to a couple of options for Ramping. Virtue’s Ramp mode is limitless. Do you want to shoot super fast? Or just increase your rate of fire by a little bit to give an edge? You control exactly when your gun starts ramping once you pull the trigger at a specified rate (5bps – 15bps), and exactly how much it will ramp by (10-200% or Unlimited).

6. More Modes: Virtue has 7 base modes of fire, but don’t let the number 7 fool you. Unlike other boards that give you a fixed number of preset modes to choose from, each of Virtue’s modes can be customized to your settings. There are literally thousands of modes to choose from.

7. Complete Control: All the settings on Virtue are fully adjustable, giving you complete control over your gun: Adjustable Debounce, Mechanical Bounce, Dwell, Eye Delay, Anti Bolt Stick (First shot Drop off), Ramp Activation Speed, Ramp Percentage, Max Rate of Fire.

8. Quality Control: Virtue hand tests each and every board before it leaves the factory, ensuring you’ll have a reliable, working board.

9. Superior Customer Support: Virtue doesn’t hide from its customers. You can contact Virtue’s office by phone or email 6 days a week. Never be forced to wait several days just to get a quick question answered!

10. Lifetime Warranty & Lifetime Upgrades: Virtue is the only upgrade board guaranteed for life.

Awards & Reviews

* #1 Upgrade board in Paintball - FaceFull
* #2 Most important upgrade for your gun - FaceFull
* "More modes of fire, more adjustability, enhanced trigger and eye logic, in an easy to configure package." -
* "Best board have ever owned" - Benjamin H.
* "It is like getting a whole new paintball gun!" - Lawence P.
* "An easy to install upgrade. Not only did it add new firing modes to the gun, and provide excellent trigger performance, but it came equipped with more adjustability than the stock board, and easier adjustment as well." -

Installing a Virtue Board is extremely easy

1. Remove your grip panel screws to open up the trigger frame, then disconnect the wires and eye ribbon from board, be careful it is a tight fit!
2. Remove the stock board from its slot in the trigger frame.
3. Attach eye ribbon and drop in the Virtue board . You will notice a slot in the grip frame that is for the board. It slides into place and then push it down it so it will fit in that proper spot.
4. Connect the wired harness that has both battery cable and trigger switch attached to it, be gentle .
5. Attach the battery.
6. Close grip with two grip screws and you’re finished!

If you want to change the debounce to 2 you would:

1. With the marker off, and Dipswitch 2 in the on position, hold the trigger and turn the marker on.
2. The LED will now cycle through a rainbow of colors and stop on yellow.
3. Tap the trigger once so the LED glows green.
4. Pull and hold the trigger until the LED starts to flash (factory default for debounce is 5, so the LED will flash 5 times).
5. When the LED stops flashing, quickly tap the trigger 2 times.
6. The LED will now flash 2 times, and then flash through the rainbow of colors, and stop on green, indicating the new value has been set.
7. To exit programming mode, shut the marker off.

Programming LED Colors

With Dipswitch 2 in the on position, hold the trigger and turn the marker on. The LED will then cycle through a rainbow of colors and stop on yellow. Tapping the trigger will then toggle through the different programming modes:

Programming Mode Color
Firing Mode: Yellow
Debounce: Green
Ramp Activation Spee: Red
Ramp Percentage: Flickering Yellow
Dwell: Flickering Green
Eye Sensitivity: Flickering Red
AMB (Anti-Mechanical Bounce): Flashing Yellow
ABS (Anti-Bolt Stick: Flashing Green
Max Rate of Fire: Flashing Red

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