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1-Piece Barrel
2-Piece Pro Barrels
3 Fin Value Kit - Bang Stikxx
3 Fin Value Kit - Battle Stikxx
3 Fin Value Kit - Dominator
3 Fin Value Kit - Gold Member
3 Fin Value Kit - MoFo
3 Fin Value Kit - Scenario MoFo
3 Fin Value Kit - Shark Tooth
3 Fin Value Kit - Widowmaker
5 Fin Value KBarrel Fin Combo - Widowmakerit - Gold Member
5 Fin Value Kit - Bang Stikxx
5 Fin Value Kit - Battle Stikxx
5 Fin Value Kit - Dominator
5 Fin Value Kit - MoFo
5 Fin Value Kit - Scenario MoFo
5 Fin Value Kit - Shark Tooth
Ball Gauge
Barrel & Fin Combo - Bang Stikxx
Barrel & Fin Combo - Battle Stikxx
Barrel & Fin Combo - Dominator
Barrel & Fin Combo - Gold Member
Barrel & Fin Combo - MoFo
Barrel & Fin Combo - Scenario MoFo
Barrel & Fin Combo - Shark Tooth
Barrel - Gold Member
Barrel Only - Battle Stikxx
Barrel Only - Dominator
Barrel Only - MoFo
Barrel Only - Scenario MoFo
Barrel Only - Shark Tooth
Base Kit
Freak Adapter
Hammerhead - Freedom Fighter
Kit Box
LINK Adapter
Pinokio Hopper
Sly Classic Barrel Back
Sly Classic Barrel Back Set
Sly Classic Camo Front
Sly Classic Dual-Carbon Barrel - Black
Sly Classic Dual-Carbon Barrel - Camo
Sly Infamous Diesel Kit - Limited Edition
Sly Pro-Merc 12K Classic Dual-Carbon Front
Sly Pro-Merc Diesel Kit
Sly Pro-Merc Single Barrel
Sniper Kit
Tactical Barrels
Twist Lock Feedneck
X7 Foldable Vertical Handle

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Empire BT-4 Combat Slice Marker
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All Airsoft Guns come with 6 mm Blaze Orange Tip as Required by Federal Law

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